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your favorite university

what is your favorite university? and why?
cal tech and MIT! look at the brains it has developed over time! all noble geniuses at one place!who can miss that out!

I've dreamed of going there since I was a kid.
Well, I am currently a grad student at University of Texas-Houston and I do like it a lot. But my favorite is where I did my undergrad, Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina because its great! I learned so many good things, even more than what undergrads learn here in the US because the carreers are more focused, I studied biology and ALL of my courses where science courses (Biology, chemistry, physics, maths, etc).

But the best thing about school in Argentina is that IT IS FREE!!!!!! yeah...I did not pay anything and I got the best education. I hope I can give something back later in life when I have something to give...
Edinburgh University in Scotland has a good reputation -- one of the three best universities of Britain -- and is located in Scotland, which makes it attractive because undergraduate education is free in Scottish universities (with an exception of English students though).
I think you might mean St Andrews - which is currently 4th on the ratings...Edinburgh Uni comes in at 14th...
Bikerman wrote:
I think you might mean St Andrews - which is currently 4th on the ratings...Edinburgh Uni comes in at 14th...

Thanks for the information! Of course, I should have taken into account Times Online when I wrote about undergraduate education (and I wasn't familiar with this rating for Edinburgh although I knew about St Andrews being the 4th).

The RAE rating ( I was having in mind is much better for some science departments in Edinburgh University compared to St Andrews (for example, Maths or CompSci). However, the RAE is a research-related rating that does not characterise teaching quality.

Therefore, it seems that at the moment St Andrews is believed to be better for undergraduate education and humanities while Edinburgh appears to perform better as a science research institution. If you think you might want to stay to do a PhD after you get your undergraduate degree, a department with higher RAE would be preferable.
for me MIT. because:

1. the professors there are awesome
2. if all of u can see the video (in youtube) teaching physics (they're on mechanics on the year 1999) i really understand it quickly
3. im taking civil engineering so i prefer MIT as my fave univ.

i like it.. !

this is the link in youtube watch it "" Very Happy

IGNOU (Indra Gandhi National Open University) is my favorite university.
NU KMA (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy). Because that University endeavour to fight with ukrainian language and culture abolition in Ukraine.*
Please don't be offended by this, but I want to change your posting slightly to reflect what I think you meant to say (otherwise it can read a little ambiguously).

* Because that University is endeavouring to fight against the abolition of Ukrainian culture and the Ukrainian language.

I like alternative colleges and universities like Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts and Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa.
Mostly Asian countries love to study UK and united states they are rich people here. if i have a lot of money i will study in in harvard USA i think.
Mostly Asian countries love to study UK and united states they are rich people here. if i have a lot of money i will study in in harvard USA i think.
University of Chicago! Because it's the only university I've really studied at Razz
Currently I'm reading computer science in Sichuan University, one among my favorite universities~
I studied chemical engineering at Carnegie Mellon, so that has to be my favorite university!
It is one of the top chemical engineering faculties in the world. You must have had really excellent grades to have been accepted into the programme.

now i am interesting in machine learning the university maybe ...
Everyone know UET-VNU in Viet Nam,
This is my favorite University and I am studying in here
Don't see how anyone can vote on this unless they have studied for multiple degrees, phds etc. LOL

I have only been to one, so would go with Cheltenham College OF Higher Education, now called the University Of Gloucester
Grinnell College in Grinnell is best.I studied there and i can say it is the best university all over the world.
LaTrobe Uni includes a focus on humanities in all subjects and is great. Stanford and MIT both have excellent opencourseware courses. Melbourne Uni has the best reputation and the buildings are beautiful. They have an awesome library. I never went to Melbourne but I have used their library.
MIT, it is my dream....
MIT and IIT are my favourite institute. because MIT is world best university and IIT is the best institute in india and also top 10 institute in world. i dont think about MIT but i have a dream to study at IIT Smile Smile
My favorite college can not be any different from what I studied, Federal University of Mato Grosso, Brazil. An extremely technical college, with faculty and many brilliant technical courses and research extensions. Its campus is pretty big compared to our capital Cuiabá, and today is a much used by non-student society, as spaces of physical activity, events in large structures with significant spaces.
The University of Helsinki.
University of Bologna...... It's the world's oldest continuous university established in 1088, believe it or not, or just Google it Very Happy That's one reason I'm proud to have gone to school there. The other is that it is probably one of the most liberal institutions of higher learning in the universe.... In fact, it was so liberal I even dropped out... hehehe
well I have gone through 2 univeristies, and one was ok - Uppsala university. The other one is called malardalens hogskola , well actually quite bad school back then.
One can wonder why I went to 2 Universities? Well if you study as I did math n computers and worked with that for some years you get tired! So I went back and studied economy too. Now i have done that so maybe some school might come up again.
Henderson State University, which is where I studied/currently am studying. It's the "School with a Heart". The psychology program there is fantastic.
Lcfa london in uk is my favorite university . Because healthcare is my hobby so like to do health care courses.
For me university of indonesia (UI) is the best because cheap and nor too far away from my house. So, i don't have to stay near the university to college.
Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, in Nepal. Why? Because that's where I study. Very Happy . Plus, it's the best engineering college in Nepal, and is fairly tough to get into.
Howard University Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz

Builders Melbourne
Concordia university is my favourite university
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