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your favorite singer

what is your favorite singer? take some his or her works for example^^
Gavin DeGraw - Chariot

Not my all-time. Just a fave.
Michael Jackson? haha, there's so many song of his that I can remember and sing along to.

I guess Celine Dion is pretty good too. And a couple of other singers. I love music, different kinds of music, so it's hard to really pick a favourite, cause I simply like all of it at a point in time. Very Happy
My favourite singer hmm... There are so many to choose from. Female singer would probably be Jordan Sparks/Kelly Clarkson. Male would probably be between Ne-Yo and Eminem Cool
BoA - a very famous Asin singer Smile
Do you want to try at linsten to her music? Here is some videos on Youtube. Great videos Smile

* Eat you up - BoA

* I did it for love - BoA

* Energetic - BoA

There're all BoA's English videos. If you want to view other Japanese/Korean video of her, let's search on Youtube with keyword: "BoA". The best singer, the best dancer Smile
I liked BoA back then but she just died out after a while. Didn't have catchy enough songs for me to continue listening. Britney Spears is a good alternative to quite the same genre of music though. Ayumi Hamasaki too. x)
I listen to a lot of industrial music so I don't listen to anything that would be everyone's cup of tea. With that said, I think it would have to be.... hmmm... wow this is actually a tough one. Well... it's between Raymond Watts of <PIG> and Jared Louche of Chemlab. Jared Louche has a voice that most people would agree is a good singing voice, but Raymond on the other hand has great gravely vocals that I just love. Hmmmmm.... I guess I'll go with Raymond on this one.
i am a great fan of A R Rahman`s music.
Everybody knows him for the superb act in Slumdog Millionaire.
the unusualness is the key of success.
My favorite female singer is, without a doubt, Tarja (former singer of the band Nightwish). She had a very captivating voice that went well with their music. Too bad she was such a diva and Nightwish was forced to kick her out. Their new singer Anette is pretty good, though.

My favorite male singer is James Hetfield when he had his young youthful voice in the first three Metallica albums. There are plenty of bands that I like musically more than Metallica, but the youthful screaming that had some harmony to it always attracted me to their music. "Chop your breakfast on a mirror!"
Sebastian Bach

and just for wailing and Aerosmiths - Steven Tyler

How can a man who forgets his words and go "ya ya ya ya ye ye ye ye" to cover the missing words
(this is true)

to make that still sound cool is an art
Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes. Hands down.
I'm more of a fan of male voices, with my particular favourite being R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe.
Hard to say, but...I think it would have to be John Prine
Freddie Mercury
Messiah Marcolin form Candlemass
David Bern
Cool Tarja Turunen ( Nightwish)
Russell Allen from Symphony X.

I would also say Amy Lee from Evanescence but she really needs to cheer up a bit Wink

Actually, I did a recording last year and one of the singers had a voice that went straight through me, I really enjoyed listening to her.
Deffinitly Michael Jackson,
He was my idol as I was growing up. All i ever wanted to do was go see him live and this year was my chance but suddenly he passed away which was a real terrible time in my life Sad

R.I.P MJ You will never be forgotten.
Without a doubt, Layne Staley of Alice In Chains. I haven't heard a single vocalist portray as much emotion in his voice and lyrics as my main man Layne.

Also love Bruce Dickinson. Vibrato = Unstoppable!

Robert Plant is certainly worth mentioning...had such a killer, unique voice at the time Zeppelin was on the rise.

A little heavier, Phil Anselmo of Pantera...unbearable aggression combined with the ability to still understand what he was saying, which is important in my book. His vocal range/abilities early in his career (Power Metal and Cowboys From Hell albums) were nothing short of incredible.
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