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My Home Town, a Good Place To Travel..

I am from Şavşat, Artvin, Turkey. It is a very good place to travel, we have big forests, great food, wonderful lakes, some historical places to visit. Also rafting is very popular in the coruh river. if you want to look up from google earth the coordinates are 4114'36.24"N 4221'50.04"E. Here are some pictures..

I am from Qibao ancient town.

Qibao ancient town, is an ancient town in Shanghai municipality about 15km south of Shanghai city.

Qibao is a small town about two square kilometers in size which is crossed by two canals. Around the canals, a large number of traditional houses, shops and restaurants are found. Recently tourism has been actively encouraged and it makes a good daytrip from Shanghai city. Although Qibao can be touristy, prices are comparatively cheap.

The city is a closed area and you have to buy a ticket (10,- Yuan). The ticket includes ten special copper coins which you could either keep as memory or spend at special shops inside the city. The city is very small and you can conveniently walk everywhere.

How To Get There?
Subway and bus. Use subway line 1 to Xinzhuang station, then walk 200m to the intersection of the Humin Road with the Qixin Road. From there, take the 91 bus into the Beixinjing direction. Get off at the Qibao Zhen station. Walk eastwards 250m to the entrance of Qibao town.
Taxi. From Xinzhuang station (20,- Yuan) or Shanghai city (70,- Yuan) you can take a taxi.

The overall impression is what makes Qibao a good location, rather than individual hotspots. However, you might want to check out the many bridges, the restaurant streets and the many shops. On the back of your ticket, there is a map of Qibao.

Qibao temple and pagoda - At the east of the town.
Qibao distillery - at the center of the city.
Looks great to me seristi nice pictures. Reminds me of places I've been too.

Do you know Bob and Mary who live in the third house down that hill? - - just joking!

Looks like a fine place to live and visit.

sounds good i might consider.
Hey looks like a really nice place especially the lake.What's the fishing like, packing my fishing rods already Smile
I am from Wrexham in North Wales and when I was growing up there in the 1960s and 1970s it was a terrible dump. Since then lots of money has been spent to change the area and it has worked - now it is a VERY terrible dump. At least we had a good football team back then :-&
beautiful place. I really want to go there in next summer vacation.thanks for posting
Nice Post... Such a beautiful place. I would try to visit here at least one time in my life.
My home town is full of exotic and beautiful beaches.
Turkey looks like a great place to visit. May be one day, I will get to actually travel to that place. I don't know much about Turkey but I'm guessing that there's a lot of culture that can be observed there.
It is always attractive and charming for me to spend my vacation at my home town
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