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I'm Trying To Find A Free Dental Clinic...Desperate Need.

One has to exist somewhere. I've had trouble with my teeth since I was a kid, but its gotten out of hand. My one front tooth broke off a couple weeks ago, and tonight I lost another little piece and have been in severe pain. I've broken bones and not felt this bad. Also have a back tooth that is causing all kinds of trouble. All 4 of my top front teeth need removed and a partial plate put in. Only one problem...I'm unemployed, uninsured, and can not get any help from the government or any kind of charity...I've tried everything. For all the work I need its going to run somewhere in the $10,000 range...there's no way I can afford that even if I had a job right now.

I can't take anymore of this pain...its hard to eat, sleep or even think half the time. This state has this point I don't care if I have to travel clear across the country. I need help. If anyone knows of a place that does major dental work as a charity I would love to have a number...don't care where its at long as its somewhere in the US and is a legit dentist. Nothing is worse then this kind of pain. Even strong pain killers only take the edge off. I'm miserable and desperately looking for some kind of relief Crying or Very sad
Let Google be your friend. Contact dental schools.
Indiana University has a dental college.
Start with the closest ones and work your way out.

Do you have any Masons or Shriners in your family, friends or aquaintences? Contact local chapters of the Masons, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Pithius, Moose Lodge, VFW etc. Most of these groups love to help out with special needs.

Get diagnosed with some kind of rare exotic peridontal disease and have fund raiser parties at all the local bars.

Do you happen to be a veteran? You could go camp out at the VA hospital till they get tired of stepping over you and help you.

Just getting the pain stopped is important. A tooth ache and a back ache are the two worst overwhelming things. I feel for ya, wish I could be of more help. Good Luck.
HealthCare in Mumbai, India is almost free including Dental Care except for some reasonable prices for different services.
Sorry to hear about your problem. I'm in another country, but dental work here is not free either. I didn't heard that colleges may do some free work. Wild guess, but maybe ask the local shelter if they know solution for the problem.
If this is a broken tooth, all they do will be extraction (dental surgery), it should be within $150 for one tooth. But I almost sure that no one will do prosthetic work for free. Have a gap myself.
Sorry again and I wish you to find what you are looking for.
Your best bet would probably be going to the University of Chicago at Illinois dental school. You should try googling it and it'll take you to their website.
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