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Usain Bolt

This guy is abolutly amazing. Running seems so easy with him. His maximal velocity during the race is close 45km/h. I do not know what does he feel with such a velocity. It would be very exciting to know that. What do you think about this Guy ?
Freak of nature.
Just like my co worker. No matter what you tell him, he will forget it. And later claim nothing was said. We call him a freak of nature too
the guy is an unbelievable athlete...He doesnt even appear to be trying and he's smashing world records, just amazing

COuld he break 9 seconds? I know i know, almost impossible, but hes lowering that world record to un thought of levels
A new record today, I did not think that he could break this record today. Albsolutely Incredible. For the 9 seconds, I think it is impossible beacause 1/10 of seconds is yet a lot.
yeh true, in all of his races it seems as though he's not even trying really hard whether tis a thump of his heart or looking back over his shoulder. On one site i saw a vidoe of him when he got off te block and was talking to the guy next to him for 5 seconds while running the he ran forward and overtook everyone.
yeah bro this guy is crazy. he's my favourite sportsperson in athletics right now because i like fast sprinters and love watching 100 m sprints.
Well i am absolutely sure we will see new records. He looks like a person with a lot of potential and multiple WR have already prooved it. What's next? Not sure, but it will definitely will be good.
I do not know what are his limits. I think a record for the 100 m at about 9 seconds 40 and for the 200 m about 19 seconds. I hope he will try the 400m and the long jump. It would be very amazing if he could break a new record in this discipline. I hope this guy is clean because I want to believe it.
I don't think 9 seconds will ever get broken, but Bolt can break 19 seconds for the 200 metres I think
How long is a sprinters "peak"? In other words, when do we think this freak of nature will start slowing down. I know with RB in the NFL it is about age 30. I feel like with tennis and even sprinting it is more like 25 -26. Makes me feel old! Sad
Well no matter what the age limit is,i'm sure he will have multiple chances to suprise us all.
]This guy is abolutly amazing. Running seems so easy with him. His maximal velocity during the race is close 45km/h. I do not know what does he feel with such a velocity. It would be very exciting to know that. What do you think about this Guy ?

the reason he is so fast, is because he's abnormally larger than most of the other sprinters, his height is a big factor
Right now there is no competition at all for him, he got offered I think 100+million to represent some brands in China, currently Puma is paying him 1.5 million. They would have to buy out his Puma contract as well as his digicel contract(telecom company) which i'm sure they are more than willing to do for the fastest man on the planet.
I think that we can also thanks Tyson Gay because he helped Usain Bolt to beat some record. I am a litlle bit upset because nobody will remember Gay's record in few years. He his unlucky to compete against an E.T.
o melhor de todos!! the king!!
He is Insane Bolt in dead Very Happy

Is bolt his real name ? or is it a taken name.

I doubt that he will break the 9 sec limit. Cos some researchers have mention that 9.51 is the best a human can run 100m Surprised An earlier study have stated the limit as 9.31 or so ( i cant remember).

Anyways, I think He will get to the 9.5 mark if he tries hard; which he dont seems to be doing :p

This guy is remarkable. He have broken every possible theory that has bein layed before him. The best is that such a tall guy cant win 100m cos of his high inertia Very Happy I dought he is taking anykind of medicine... Something that BOB MArley used to take Very Happy ROFL

anyways, Never say NEVER or OR EVER.

People will run faster than 9sec. That is for sure. the question is when. We will evolve, if not, Genetics will be used to do this. If we are to have Skeletal muscle of RATS (type C) then running the 100m in 9sec is will be a piece of cake.

Eventually Humans will be optimised for sports with genetics. The future champion of 100m will have all the optimal configuration, ideal hieght, ideal weight, ideal Red blood cells etc.

but the problem is that will genetically modified people be allowed to complete in public events???

most probably not. Cos it is against the ethics and it will lead to a large social problem.

Time will tell :S
I do not know if there is any reason to evolve in order to run faster. Why natural selection will elect people with this characteristic ?
i tried chicken nuggets and i didn`t run under 10 seconds

He must have the best ones picked for him Laughing
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