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Isnt Milan the best soccer teem. This year we're going to win everything.
Milan Laughing
Juve Will ....
Who is Milan !1!1!1!?
Never Forgot Juve
Milan is good but I like Man Utd this club is my favorite.
i think no.. we have juve.. we have chelsea we have barca... madrid to but not in this time...
so.. milan good team to.. but not the most..
Milan on the books is the one of, if not THE strongest club side in the world. They will of course do very well again this year and have a GOOD shot at winning everything.

I personally prefer Barcalona particularly because of Ronaldinho who deserves a Champions League!

go Barca!!!
No,I think 'Man U' is more better
I like Ronaldo in 'Man U'
I think he is skillful
Hey there,

Milan is a good team but also Milan can be beaten. I'm a PSV Eindhoven fan and last year Milan had so much luck. They don't deserve is to go to the final. I'm glad Liverpool did win that match.
But honoustly Milan is a great club with great players like: Kaka, Shevchenko, Stam en Johann Vogel of course. Last year he played for PSV but I don't know if he is good enough for AC Milan.
Milan have a great attack what with Shevchenko, Kaka, Gilardino, Vieri, but their weakness is the defence. They need to get some younger players in there, although the defenders they've got are pretty good, Stam, Maldini, Cafu, Nesta
Milan won't winn this year either
because that will Juve do...
Zlatan will become the best striker...
Trezeguet second best striker...
Zlatan will also be the best passer with the most assists...
So I can just say.. FORZA JUVE Very Happy
my favorite Galatsaray
Hoogeveense RAT
Milan is very bad. They've lost ageinast PSV last thuesday, but PS played a great game. In Italy will ACF FIORENTINA be the new champion. Juventus is second in AC MIlan I think third.
Milan isnt bad,but now they dont have form and luck.PSV contrariwise,I wish they would win chapionship leage Laughing
hehe I like Milan, but I like PSV more Very Happy
PSV even had a boy playing called Aissati (17 years old) last match.
and lol PSV won .

Imagine that you are playing football against the players you have posters from... that would be so cool
I'm a PSV fan and i can tell you Milan Milan Who the ****** is Milan....PSV was great !!!!!
i´m live in Brazil, but i love milan!! is a very good team!!
kaká is the best! Very Happy
neneehnoisnafita wrote:
i´m live in Brazil, but i love milan!! is a very good team!!
kaká is the best! Very Happy

adriano isthe best Idea Idea Arrow
PSV, played a great game against milan Cool

Who the ****** is milan Laughing Laughing

I Love it Laughing
JUVENTUS IS DA BEST>................
darkdante wrote:
neneehnoisnafita wrote:
i´m live in Brazil, but i love milan!! is a very good team!!
kaká is the best! Very Happy

adriano isthe best Idea Idea Arrow

Adriano is excellent fan her.... but is that they are many brazilian player of talent tah is very hard to see who is best...of all is the Ronaldinho Gaú italy Adriano......

when i spoke in the Kaká I was relating me to the Milan....
esterday they won 4-0 Fenerbahche.. nice goals by Shevchenko Smile
Milan have a great attacker " Shevchenko, Kaka, Gilardino, Vieri"
And I think they can win all throphy
I would just like to say that even Club Brugge beat Milan 2 years ago. 0 - 1, rememer that one Wink
hehe have anyone seen Inter milan - milan AC yesterday evening! 3-2 for Inter ... a ******' good game with 5 goals ...! Juventus leads the calcio with no possible contest
Yeah. AC Milan is one of the best teams of the World.
One of the best...Not the Best...
A Prove of this is your Lose in the Final of Last UEFA Champions League, Winned in the Penalties by Liverpool.

Is What I Say...
its good team but iperfer barca
MIlan is tha best among other team but completely loose beaten by Liverpool Last Cmpnshhp Laughing
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