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School yard games

Do you remember your school yard games? Which one were your favorite?

I put mine in spanish, I dont' know its english names:

- La lleva o chucha
- Escondidijo
- Bate
- Saltar lazo

I will translate them when I have a little time more Razz
Apart from playing Star Wars and things like that, two games I remember playing, and really enjoying were "Bum's Up" and "Balls Up". The games were the same except for one stipulation.

Basically, you and a bunch of friends (the more the better), armed with just a tennis ball and the side of the school, would throw the ball against the wall. One person would throw it, and the rest would try to catch it on the return. Then that person would throw it. You could throw the ball at different parts of the wall to get it to either pop up in the air or just sail straight back at everyone.

So, throwing and catching, until someone went to catch the ball and fumbled it, letting it hit the ground, or someone is hit with the ball as it's coming back towards everyone. That person then has to run and touch the wall before someone else can pick up the ball and hit the wall with it. If the fumbler touches the wall first, he's safe. If the ball hits the wall first, then the fumbler either has to stand against the wall facing it or with his back to it, and the person who threw the ball gets one throw to hit the fumbler either in the bum (Bums Up), or in the nuts (Balls Up).

Great fun. I wish I could play it today.
@eday2010 - we just called it fumbles

Well there was tips/tag which everybody should know i hope. It involves one person being 'it' and they had to catch another person who would then be in with them until everybody is caught. Last man standing wins.

Hand ball - bouncing a ball to another person from your own square/area. its hard to explain but definitely fun.

Head hunters - this is a dangerous game but fun. As the name suggests, people peg balls at each others' heads until somebody gets a concussion. OK maybe not the concussion part.

hand games - random hand games which kids made up.

Bull rush - running from one end of the field to the other when the person in the middle calls out 'bullrush'. Anybody who got tipped joined in until only one person was left.
I'll explain the games (I'm not sure of their english names)

- "Chucha" o "la lleva" is the same as tips/tag that SunD3R explained.

- "Escondidijo" is like Hide and seek. One child counts and the others hiden, then the one counting seeks for the rest, if one is found, the one counting runs to the count place, if the found arrives first is safe, if not it's out. The game ends when the last is found and the next to count is the first found.

- "Bate" Like baseball, but using a common plastic inflatable ball, and the camp was the street.

- "Saltar lazo" Jumping with a lace. It could be a group game, using a long rope, two children moving it and a group jumping in the center.
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