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The Twilight Saga

I have seen film before i've read the book. The book was soo nice for me. Actually I loved it.

Then accidentally, i saw the books on a book market. There was for of them. i didnt know that twilight is a book serie.

Bought and read all the books in about a week. I really loved them.

Actually i love adventure and fictions. This serie is amazing.
The Twilight Saga Series
The Twilight Book

New Moon


Breaking Dawn

And may be Midnight Sun (Edwards story of Twilight)

The last Book (Midnight Sun) is not finished yet. Waiting for it.

And The second Book Serie is HouseofNigt Series

In that serie there was a young girl, at sixteen, markedby a vampire and will be a vampire in four years time or die.

She has to go to the House of Night for her education for being a vampire.

But somethings goes wrong.
First of all she is very very special.

And the books tells us her story.

I have read only the first two books. Will buy the others when i find. (I really like Vampire Stories Very Happy )
The Books are:





Well I have also read the Twilight series, after my sister bugged me to do it, and it was pretty ok. The style and language that Stephanie Meyers uses gets under my skin, and seems to rub me the wrong way. The story that she told had a lot more potential, and ultimately falls short. Perhaps it is just because I am a male reading a primarily female book, but who knows? Anyway, if you didn't know Stephanie Meyers released the first like ten chapters of Midnight Sun on her website. You can download the pdf and read it if you so desire. I haven't read it yet, but from what I hear The Host is a much better written book than the Twilight series, and it will be getting a sequel and I believe a movie as well. Glad you really enjoyed the Twilight books though, for as much as I complain about them, they did have some pretty good parts.
yes i have read the Partial Draft 4 of Midnight Sun. And waiting for the completed book.
I really want to read the story by Edward's side. It will be facinating.
The Host is fantastic, it's a lot more adultish than the Twilight series, which is a lot more about the relationship between the characters than the characters themselves. The Host focuses on the individuality of the characters and how they react to each other and I love it as much as the Twilight series Razz I have to admit that Twilight is a phenomenon that will most likely subside a bit, sooner or later, however, I do love the books, I believe that they are very well written and that Meyer has a gift. Still, any obsession to the extent of the Twilight obsession is bound to end, and when it does, I'll still love them Razz
I have't read The Host. But as soon as possible I want to buy it. I've read the Twilight series. And I like the way Meyer describes the scenes and how you can experience history through his narrative.
I loved the Twilight series, and I don't believe the movies does the series any justice. I agree that there are many more authors, novels, and series a hell of a lot better than this series, but it didn't keep me from enjoying it. lol I just wish that Midnight Sun hadn't been leaked. I would really like to see Stephanie finish it. I love reading the same story from different perspectives.

Are they really making a movie of The Host, and is there really a sequel? Shocked I'll have to look that up! I was hoping for that! ^^ I felt the story ended way to soon. I am a nutcase for long, deep literature. lol
I did not really care for the twilight saga. Sure it is one of the first highly popularized vampire romances, but the author did not stretch too far in her ideas. she should have done so much more in the story, instead she makes a very linear story that can be easily guessed at what will happen next.


the only thing that I did not expect is the baby. that idea completely threw me for a loop.
I read the books first, I usually like to read the books before watching the movies...but then I never like the movies. I loved the books the first time I read them...then I read them again and I didn't like them as much...but they are a fun read for sure.
Actually I've been hanging out with people who's first series they've ever read is twilight. I think it's great that it's actually getting people to read... As long as it's doing that, I don't care if it's that good or not.
I haven't read the books but watched the 2 released movies, namely Twilight Saga and New Moon. Magic is always so fascinating but the story attracts me more. The problem between 2 different races and the love that transcends it are the most moving.
I also haven't read any books but the two films are awesome. I watched them recently(i have no idea when they released) and i really like them.
I have watched one of the movie and to be honest I was not that impressed.
I've never seen the movies, but i started reading the first book in the saga. Couldn't go further than a few dozen pages. The language is mediocre at most and the characters and plot are, in my humble opinion, extremely overused and simple.
Hate to say it but I too fell in the "Twilight Bandwagon". I'm currently reading Breaking Dawn and I love it so far. I did not read the first three books but I did watch it.
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