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Can't connect to home wireless network without ethernet

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium on an Asus F50 laptop that I just bought (2.53 ghz processor, 4 gb ram). I cannot connect to my home wireless network unless I first go over to the router and connect using an ethernet cable. Then, I can disconnect the cable and the wireless network remains connected until the next time I restart my computer. At that point I have to plug it in with the cable again for a few seconds.

I know I have the settings and key right for my network because, first of all, I checked it, and second, the computer stays connected to it after I disconnect it from the ethernet cable. It seems like the computer just can't find the network on its own, even though it sees other wireless networks and I have it set to discover the network even when it's not broadcasting its signal (which it is, so that's irrelevant anyway). Even if I disconnect from the wireless network (but do not restart my computer), the computer still sees it and I can connect to it again.

This makes no sense to me, so if anyone has any wisdom they can share, I'd appreciate it. =) Thanks.
It could be a metric issue. Also you can try disabling your Ethernet NIC.
Also, try setting your wireless network settings to "connect automatically" to your home network.
what type of security are you using.. this might be a problem... some wireless cards do not support all types of security.
Defecto is right...
You may have to play around on your wireless settings...
try using the other security options... bide the way this will depend on your router...

WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy) 64-bit encryption
WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy) 128-bit encryption
WPA-PSK(Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key)
WPA (Enterprise)
WPA2-PSK(Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 Pre-Shared Key)
WPA2 (Enterprise)

and also check your IE
make sure that on the internet options > connections there is nothing on the dialup and virtual private network settings.

To manually add a Wireless network onto your Windows Vista, please try the following:

1. Click Start – Control Panel

2. Click “View network status and tasks” (in classic view double-click Network and Sharing Center )

3. From Network and Sharing Center left pane, click “Manage wireless Networks”

4. Click Add and then “Manually create Network profile“.

5. Enter the Network name (SSID) then the security type (ex: WEP,WPA,WPA-2)

6. Select Encryption Type (ex: AES or PSK)

7. Enter the Security Key/Passphrase. Optionally check the “Display characters” to display the security key that you type in.

8. To connect automatically to this network, check the box for “Start this connection automatically”

10. In the next screen, select “Change connection settings” and choose “Connect automatically when network is in range”
What wireless router do you have? Some are weird and require either a wired connection or a button to be presses (etc) to be pair with another device.

I struggled for months at my Auntie's house until I realised it was the router, not Vista causing the problem.
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