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Particular subcategories

Can a separate topic be started to discuss about upcoming mobiles? one thing I feel that the categories are to vast and gets messy with lots of different posts of various topic covered under the Category,so separating them in subcategories may bring things more in particular. This is my personal view and observation.Am sorry if i offend any one.
Ghost Rider103
We already have a forum for that, it's called "Hardware and Electronics".

Here is the description for Hardware and Electronics: All about computer hardware. The latest printers, hard drives, memory sticks, motherboards and gadgets."

I guess people from India are not all that smart after all. So much for glorifying it.

Sorry I had to change my post a bit but this was the thing in my mind.
Ghost Rider103
Are you suggesting sub-forums now?
No not exactly that I was telling for a proper category inside each forums, for example under operating system making separate entries for linux windows etc, instead of every thing being put in operating system,that will help users also to search or jump to the topic quickly and keep forum well organized .
As keeping the forum maintained is the responsibility of the administrator ,I must not think much,my queries are over.
Ghost Rider103
Uh-huh, well I'd appreciate it if you quit editing your first post and changing what you are suggesting, and instead just creating a new reply under mine to then re-brainstorm your idea. Otherwise it makes my reply's before yours have nothing to do with the topic after you keep changing what you are suggesting.

Now you seem to have specifically suggest sub-categories, after editing your first post, again.

Maybe you should take a look at the rules for the suggestions forum. Link here:

Quote from the rules:

A list of things you shouldn't suggest (because we will never add them anyway or are already working on it):
1) Adding subforums to this forum.

This was the first on the list. Confused
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