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Why do people want so much land? in india

It seems that all the rulers try to gain more land, but why? Wouldn't it be easier to control a small piece of land than a big one?i believe land is the source of resources which are the source of money which is the source of power.
I just talked a bit about this in my blog a while ago Smile
Because resources run out, and more land means more resources.
Well if there is an overpopulation and people are multiplying on a large scale, it is inevitable that they will be needing more space to live in. I'm not sure whether it would only be a matter of power and control, probably more a case of being practical and being in need.
real estate is one business in india which pays off really well. With so much land available to be grasped away from innocent and illiterate farmers, it is the feeding ground for land broker leeches.
Its greed, primary
THen its money control over resources. Rich people can invest large amounts and land and it cant be stolen so easily.
Then again it is because India has a parallel economy where people having black money invest in land.
this is there way of life.
Greed is the root of the world's problems. The worlds resources are scarce, but human wants are infinite.
The economy in India is changing the control over resources. Earlier poor tribal people had control over forests and water sources in large parts of the country. A mojor percentage of the population lived on megre resources and consumed the bare minimum.
Since the economy has been opened to the commercial sector they are busy gobbling up the materials. this is taking resources away from a large chunk of the population to a smaller more visible and communicative number of people. This has also created a larger middle class, a wealthier upper class and in toto a cash rich chunk of people who just want to buy everything.
Rolling Eyes
Much agricultural land is being converted to non-productive land.
I wonder if we will have enough to eat soon????
All politics is about Land, Money and Women!
In India the land owner is the master of most resources he can influence the govt into taking all the agricultural subsidy and rule over the entire village with cheap labor etc., and that is probly why most ppl in India want more land
atul2242 wrote:
Its greed, primary

so very true...

You get a little bit of land and somemore. You get more, but then you see some other leader on the other side of the world who has a little bit more land than you and you want to become a better king than him.

And even if you have the biggest country in the world, you look in the past and see that there were emperors who had even more land than you. Then you get jealous. And conquer more.

And now, even though you own the whole world, you are old and you'll have to die soon. And then what happens to your kingdom? It's a sad waste of energy and time that people are investing. They accumulate for no good reason, people are suffering all around them.

There is a old saying that I think should be taught to every child, especially those who might become tyrants and politicians.

It is "What Goes Around Must Come Around".
Greed, Greed for Power over another, Greed for Money and material happiness (which actually brings only suffering).
They should stop craving for false happiness that only bring suffering, and should crave for the spiritual happiness and work only in the mood of gaining spiritual happiness. Isn't this what our religions teach us?
Resources, more population who knows, it wouldn't really be harder to control more land it's just you'd need a larger military or police. Just think of it this way... If there was a big bag of candy, would you want just a little bit? or the whole thing? cause eventually your portion is going to be gone.
Jamestf347 wrote:
Resources, more population who knows, it wouldn't really be harder to control more land it's just you'd need a larger military or police. Just think of it this way... If there was a big bag of candy, would you want just a little bit? or the whole thing? cause eventually your portion is going to be gone.

Yeah I agree and even if there's more land, no one is sure if you will take control of that for a long time
Because land has a big price and it rockets with time.. It's like accumulating gold and gems in the middle east.
Land is money isn't it? Well, I have seen the price of land skyrocketed in just a few years. It is in fact a good investment.
ts greed, primary
THen its money control over resources. Rich people can invest large amounts and land and it cant be stolen so easily.
Then again it is because India has a parallel economy where people having black money invest in land.
Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
People will go crazy for land because today the worlds most profitable natural resources is OIL and its from the land. Imagine the oil was found in your and multinational company is coming to exploer wow your generations to come wount need to work... infact the worlds richest man and woman is about coming from your family... place great value on your land if you have one, you just be heading for greatness.
Lady Elensar
It's always been about land. In the ancient, land was power and prestige, in the Middle Ages, land was power and prestige, and right now, land is power and prestige. When you owned much land, you were rich or from origin noble. With this, you had a lot of prestige among the people. With this, you could permit a better military equipment en have a lot more military influence. When you didn't own (much) land, you were just a agricultural laborer as a serf or slave, and you had not any influence in governing or a military position. Actually, in the early civilizations, land with the arable farming was their primary source of life.
land is as expensive as gold
Its greed
Lamd will always appreciate everywhere in the world.

In India land will remain very important to the people foe the value of it..

Having a large land can mean more weealth for the people...

I will get so much land knowing that every year land values the more..
people are multiplying and they want give something for their future families...... and the value of the land will not that is why only rich people can buy more lands...
Land is power, more land means more power
I think it's basically to increase the number of people you rule, I mean, if you're a ruler, you need 'subjects' to be ruled..
According to a book called "Citizen Hobo", the number of homeless in America in the 1870s (called tramps at the time) was about 2.5 million. (The population of the U.S. at the time, according to another source, was about 25 million. That would mean 10% of the population was homeless.) Most people at the time believed the homeless were ex-soldiers from America's Civil War who had gotten used to a somewhat rootless lifestyle outdoors in which they did not have to do much labor.

The author of the book, however, believes that their homelessness had more to do with the fact that it was at about this time that America began running out of land to homestead. (While there is still land available to homestead, it would be difficult to farm that which remains or otherwise make a good living from the land itself, which is a requirement of homesteading.)

I suspect that the remaining land was only marginal as opposed to poor. But we must remember that back then, people were much more dependent on what food they or their neighbors could produce from the land. My estimate is that on incredibly good land a highly skilled farmer could produce enough to feed 25 people. Most prospective settlers had little or no farming experience and likely could find only marginal land to homestead.

Today, the average agricultural worker produces enough food to produce 125 people (according to the book "Collapse", which discusses various potential [current] and historical collapses of civilization, largely from overuse of natural resources), mostly on farms outside of cities and often thousands of miles away, so most people never see where their food comes from.

However, it must also be remembered that in some ways they might not be considered homeless. Most of them made their living as itinerant workers, getting hired on for temporary labor at employment agencies. A small part of Chicago was perhaps the most famous for this, then and in later decades.
Land is the ultimate resource of assets that will rarely go low.
In India real estate is a big business, and land is very expensive in most parts.

It is almost like dealing with stocks, I can imagine only, but a few of my friends who have inherited land, have made a small business out of it.
They have sold it for a huge amount and now are resting most of the time at home in luxury.
One of them invests in other properties elsewhere, develops them and sells them.
In any business, there is greed, but I see real estate as just another business, but with high profitability.
Some laws in India protect agriculture as well, wherein if you buy an agricultural land, you cant modify it for any other purpose than agriculture, untill after 25 years of purchase. I'm not sure if everyone follows this rule, though.
I think its the habit of all the politicians in the sub-continent and most of the people having money want to have too much land. Everyone has his own thinking where he want to invest money he is investing.
Land ownership is about greed, control and profit.
Becos people are greedy and people want to earn more and more money not just for their own lives, but also for their future generation.

And with the boom that the real estate market has seen in India during the past 6 years, there is no way a investment would have yielded more and more money.
And 2 out of 4 people have been fooled or they have made a fool out of themselves by investing in real estate / housing sector by taking the finance option from the Bank. Most of the people who have been profitted from this business are real estate agents and infrastructure development companies.
But it is just an illusion that the retail investors(who took housing finance) keep thinking that they have profitted from this investment.

If i ever get a power to f**k somebody, then i would f**k all the middle-men / agents / brokers across the world Smile
Because Land = Power & Resources = Money
India is the best country in the whole world for investment in the property. This time every MNC wants to start their business in India, because India is the largest retail market in the world. That's why, in the future property rates will be high.
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