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Any one played Prototype?

Prototype is a game i would like to play in a real bad mood.So much destroy you can do,great graphics but lacks a good story line....
I might get it this month, I've seen the screenshots the game rocks.
I like it. The storyline is there, but it doesn't really scream to be the main part of the game. It gets hard, however. Exploding henchmen, guys who shoot seismic waves, create little paper spider minions, and shoot rockets... it's very hectic later on. It's pretty frustrating when you are just beat back and forth and forced to run. Hard doesn't necessarily mean bad since I like a good challenge.

UPDATE: Oops, somehow I misread this for Infamous... I haven't played Prototype yet, but I will soon--my friend just dropped it off at my place a week ago.
I will most likely have to rent it. I recently got the E74 error on my 360, so I just decided to buy the Elite version (I was out of warranty). So it was a pretty good game? I love being able to blow the living crap out of stuff. Anyway I will definitely be looking into Prototype.
I thought prototype is good, but you can only kill the same stuff over and over again so much. More variety in everything would've been nice, maybe i wanted to be normal and drive a car =P
Overall i think the gameplay is good and brings some challenges along, but i finished it in like 2-3 days on normal. And it was only based on outside gameplay. Overall, i think there are better games out there that offer more features, but prototype is a good violent/gore game with its thankful sandbox.
I really liked Prototype. It's a nice solid game that you can really play for hours upon hours. The thing I didn't really like about this game is that you only get most of the 'cool' abilities near the end of the game, which is quite disappointing, to be honest. The game is a really good refreshment after all of these first-person shooters for the XBOX360, and is really worth the money. Too bad it doesn't have a multiplayer mode, though.
I tried prototype for the xbox but I really was not a fan of the game in general, I mean yes it was fun, but it continually seemed to lack things to make it a great game. I'd have to say about an hour in you already are just doing repeating scenarios for the most part and the skills are not varied enough to have a good scale up through the game. I guess its a good thing I just rented it because I would be sooooo disappointed otherwise.
i really like prototype too, its the first one ive played that the main char is badass and OP Very Happy
Prototype was a really good game, and I loved the story. It has a dark feeling, kind of like the movie I am Legend did. It somewhat is "I am Legend" because the main story includes basically everybody obtaining this "virus" and eventually taking over the world. I liked the story, I liked the difficulty but there was just something about the game. Overall, I loved it but there were a few parts that they could have fixed. In some parts it was extremely hard, redoing the same boss over and over. The story was a bit too short as well, and that's what I hate about video games. Most games simply have a 8 hour story line and then your done with the game, that's it. I mean seriously, $70 (CDN) for Halo ODST for 3 hours of gameplay, that's retarded. I think all games should NEVER end, I want to spend my money and play the game for ages.

Overall though, the game is wonderful. If you enjoy flying up to a enemy (or just a bistander) and riding them like a surfboard then this game is defiantly for you. There are weapons you can use, although the only useful one is the rocket. Everything else it's slice n' dice!
Wow ok. Sounds fun, I'm gonna try and get this game soon. Smile
Good game in my opinion. Sometimes you feel free if you can destroy city in video game. Good grapics and physics also. So i suggest you have to plaay that. 7/10.
Yeah Prototype is a great game in terms of graphics and the environment, but you can finish the game so easily. Basically, i just use it as stress relief.
I played prototype a on the PC a while back. I thought it was a pretty fun game. The battle system was pretty easy to use and it was fun getting upgrades and seeing the new weapons and moves. I thought the final boss was too easy. Overall it was a fun game, although a lot of the side missions were very repetitive.
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