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She lives acouple thousand K's away

This is probably going to sound abit pathetic, but I am really tormenting myself over this girl I met last night at a wedding... Now I am only 16 so thats why it might be abit suss, but anyway... The wedding was really boring and I was just sitting at my table, then my mate brought me outside where 2 girls waited. On the way there I told myself dont get too attatched' because my mate said they are from ADELAIDE, whereas the wedding and where I live is in sydney. We were all really bored and walked around heaps, and in the end spent about.. atleast 6 hours throughout the wedding. Over that time I dunno, we became really good friends. I didn't have time to get a number or an email, because we had pushed the time limit and had to go since it was 2AM. I got to my parents and they said were going lets go, so i went ahead of them and waited around the door area, keeping my eyes out for this one girl, but I never found her.
The main thing that is troubling me is that.. I have possibly met someone perfect, she really was.
And I never even got to say goodbye.
Troll me if you want, but I just needed to put it out there.
just get her email man, once you get a bit older im sure you can move out or meet her again... and who the ****** lives in adelaide? sydneys where its at, im sure she'll move if you tell her to Wink
I feel like i am pathetic too.... I like this girl so much. We use to always play around with each other and do everything together. She taught me alot of things, and im really grateful for it. But now, cause of some issues, well her brother moved to our school... we have been ignoring each other ever since. I really want to get back to her, but it is just not working.. for some reason, i always want to hide from her and be with her at the same time. She seems so far away from me as if she lived a few 1000k from me. i think its my own problem with me, cant or too shy to face society Crying or Very sad
I think it is very easy to fall into love with a yearning of what is either difficult or impossible to attain. Think you need to snap out of it and focus on the present moment and possibilities of your immediate environment. Maybe it could be a simple case of nobody else being on the radar screen of your immediate environment "yet", and possibly it should be faced that if your focus is a thousand miles away from your present environment that you may miss out on some great opportunities in your immediate environment.

Either that, or you should get on a plane to Adelaide and sort things out. You may even find that quite a number of other guys in Adelaide have found this woman absolutely "perfect", she has that general affect on all guys, and probably is involved with someone else as a consequence.
Like ships passing in the night!
Those are special moments that you will remember forever.
The next one will be just as special too.
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