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Hi, I have a kid that is autistic. Has anyone any suggestions how to treat that???
spinout wrote:
Hi, I have a kid that is autistic. Has anyone any suggestions how to treat that???
The only help would be of the professional kind. You need the help of a specialist. I'm really sorry this had to happen to you, as it is a great challenge and a great test for the family. Most important part however is to get professional help and counselling.
Everyone thinks it will never happen to them. Yet 1 in 150 are autistic. How old is the child? Is this a recent dianosis? Does Sweden have early intervention help?

There are some great programs for surfing and music for autistic kids.

Those are great programs, no dought. I don't know how affective they are once the immediate activity is over.

I have heard some very encouraging stories about how some pets will befreind and protect the child on a continuous basis. I do think that animals can have a calming effect on everyone, and can be a life-line to many kids.

I would suggest that you read everything you can get your hands on about autism. You have some emotional steps/phases to go through too. During a nine month pregnancy you have all these possabilities running through your head. Will they be a doctor, professor or even president? Then when things turn out such that those will no longer be possible. It hurts to have those dreams dashed. So you and the rest of the family have some healing to go through.

It is encouraging that you have the courage to ask these kinds of questions out loud. These things are hard to even process them in your own mind. To be able to verbalize them out loud is a huge step in going forward. I applaud you, and wish you and your family well.

I have a 24 year old challenged daughter. She really loves swimming in Special Olymipcs.
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