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The Amazing Race

What you think about this reality show? You like it? What seasons are the best? Your favourite and the worst contestants? If you have good imaginenation, post your route of the race, what you are dreaming.

I think this show is great, one of the best. Always, when this ends, I am waiting to see the next season.

Best seasons, in my opinion, are 5, 6, 7, 8. They are more exciteing than others.

The best couple I think all the time are Chip and Kim(season 5); Kris and Jon(season 6). The worst persons in this show are Jonathan(season 6) and Colin(season 5).

My route, what I am dreaming about:
USA->Peru->Chile->New Zealand->Malaysia->Mongolia->RSA->Tansania->San Marino->Portugal->Creece->USA
Am currently very excited for their upcoming 15th cycle to premiere on September 17! And I like Tammy & Victor and Uchenna & Joyce are some of my favorite pairs of all time. Smile
A few days ago it all started. I watched it and my opinion is, the first episode of The Amazing Race was quite good, they were in TV show... I'm waiting for the new episode. Hopefully it is going to be good as the first was. By the way, the all information about this show is there: Waiting for new episodes.
Bye. Very Happy Very Happy
chartcentral wrote:
And I like Tammy & Victor and Uchenna & Joyce are some of my favorite pairs of all time. Smile

Lol Laughing
You like the teams that are portrayed as the good guys. I prefer seeing teams that are funny or provide an antagonist. The Guidos from season one were so annoying, let so entertaining. Oswald & Danny from season two were also interesting to watch how easily and carefree they were. Teri and Ian were very entertaining to watch from season three. And who can forget Rob and Amber of Survivor fame. They made the all-star season one of the best to watch!
this is the only "reality" show I watch.... The new locations keep it from getting stale
I used to enjoy it before, but now I am kinda bored of it....
It used to be a must watch... these days its a "watch it in the background if I'm home..."

I agree that the new locations help... as do the new contestants.... but I've become a little faded by what seems to be the editing of certain pairs to make it more entertaining...

Having said that, I'm not there, so maybe some of them really are as portrayed.... but I think at least some editorial license has been applied.

yeh im watching it now. the next episode is going on air tomorrow in australia. i hate watching your favourite teams get eliminated from the competition lol.

But it's still enjoyable to watch. i kind of drifted of the Amazing Race for a while but once you start watching it again you get back into it.
Enjoyed a very exciting Cycle 15 of The Amazing Race! Great season and I'd have to say I like Meghan & Cheyne, happy to see them win! Smile
I've become bored with Survivor and most other reality shows. I'm also becoming bored with the Amazing Race.

I really liked the reality show "The Mole", but that show (like most good television shows) was too intelligent for television and was canceled for having average ratings. (even though it would win it's timeslot when they use to show it on Mondays at 10pm).
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