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Movie adaptation of Age of Mythology?

I miss playing it and nowadays it's hard to find a forum where I can talk to others about how much we love (or hate) it. I hope they recreate it as a modern game or as some movie. I dunno.
I never played the game, but I have played Age of Empires. I'm not sure how it would translate into a good movie while being true to the game. Unless the movie spanned the "ages", it would be Hollywood's horrible attempt at a crappy storyline and using a popular game title to get people in the theater.

It makes me wonder about The Sims movie that is being worked on.
i played both

age of empires
age of mythology

both are wonderfull and exciting
but age of empire is better
Fire Boar
I'm going to have to disagree there - Age of Mythology was the better game in my opinion. Though perhaps that's because it was the only one I could get to work online. And online play is clearly superior in this kind of game - the AI is just too thick and seems totally incapable of making intelligent discourse such as - say - "OLOLOL!!!111 ROFLMAO u gt pwnt lmao N00B!!1".
The campaign starts off with the Atlantean hero, Arkantos, discussing with the Theocrat how they are losing Poseidon's favor. Pirates then start attacking Atlantis, whom Arkantos successfully drives off. However, as the pirates were fleeing Kamos the minotaur, who was the leader of the pirates, stole the trident from a Poseidon staue. Arkantos follows Kamos, gets the trident back, and unsuccessfully tries to kill Kamos, who flees on a Leviathan. He then proceeds to Greece where he fights in the Trojan War alongside the Greek heroes Ajax, Odysseus, and Agamemnon. Arkantos first destroys the ports of Troy, allowing Agamemnon's army to land. He then destroys the Trojan Gate and waits for Ajax's army to arrive and finish off the city. He learns from a messenger that Ajax is surrounded by Trojans; Arkantos goes to help him. After Arkantos rescues Ajax he destroys Troy's forward military base. Finding that Troy's gates are repaired again, Arkantos thinks of the Trojan Horse to help win the war. He has his villagers construct it (making sure no Trojan scouts find out about it) and then he, Ajax, and Odysseus enter it to sneak into Troy. They destroy the Trojan Gate from the inside, which allows Agammemnon's army to enter. Together they obliterate the city...

I thought that the author based on the rl Mythology... So why they don't rather start working on Mythology Adaptation?

AOE was "my childhood game" ^^
AOM is great one, I played in it with my ex-bf and it was really cool Smile In addition, my little cousins love this game. I think that they like to play mythology units like pegasus, hippocampus, centaur, minotaur, cyclops, hydra, manticore, Nemean lion, chimera, medusa, scylla, carcinos etc Very Happy
AOE II - I have this one, I tried to play in it but... "It's not the same."

Every game is special.

Imho, the best one is AOM Razz
I don't think it would make a very good movie. As a game it is good, one of my all time favorites RTS. I hope they make a sequel to this game. Its been years since the first game and its expansion. I think this game deserves a sequel.
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