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anyone think evolutiopn really did happen??? i mean i beleive in the whole "survival of the fittest" thing, but dont even say anything about man evolving from monkeys, the big bang, and if the big bang really did happen, how come scientists cant recreate it?? well.. thts how i feel.................. so post ur thots and welll... yea
How come scientist can't create fission?, because we know how to create fission, we know it happens all the time in the sun, the only reason we can't create fission is that we can't get it up to the temperature to start the reaction, but are you telling me you can't tell the similarities between all animals?, Have you not seen diagrams of humans evolving?, and as yet we are not yet fully evolved, the main reason why people have so many back problems is that our spine is bent as used to used to move on all fours, as man started to stand upright our spine had to change, thats why it's also very bad for four legged animals (i.e a dog) to stand upright because it's not right for it's spine.


I am also not a believer of the evolution. Thinks cant create by a big boom. The scientist now believe in the ID Intiligence Design. So there must be a 'creator/designer" to make such as the nature. It is so complex
The theory of evolution is just a theory. Theories are not infallible, nor have they been absolutely proven. However, it would be naive to think that scientists consider the theory of evolution as 'law.' It continues to evolve as more and more evidence is compiled. Just because popular culture does not see this evidence, it doesn't mean there is not a growing number of examples in academic publications consistent with the theory of evolution.
Intelligent design is a weak argument, based on flawed logic and overreaching assumptions. The idea is that a single cell is so exquisitely complex that, clearly, something must have designed it into existence. The idea of intelligent design fails to appreciate the dimension of time.

DO NOT confuse biological theories of existence with astrophysical postulates. The Big Bang theory is absolutely irrelevant to this argument. Black holes exist; we know mathematically that they exist. Does that mean that we can create one? of course not. How can one use, as an argument, human incapability as a sound reason for a phenomenon not to exist? Man... I'm glad the Wright brothers weren't reading this forum topic...
I think we just dont have enough brain to know about anything in the universe. All science are descriptions and abstractions of what we feel with our senses and cognition. We just dont know bananas about the universe.
We are just monkeys that think? Of course we are!
I think we just dont have enough brain to know about anything in the universe.

I'll agree with that.. I have heard some time in the pass, that every man onlu uses a certain procent of his brain about 20% or so (cant remeber exactly... Imagen if we could use just 20% more of our brain, how clever we all should be then... I belive we envole from the monkey's, give more sense then the Adam and Eve story... But still, there is a lot of unanswered question... this is how the world we live in survive. Think if we knew all, I mean all, then there would be nothing to give our everyday a kick of some sort... to let it be more intresting, to give flavor into it... Shocked
First of all, I'm an atheist so I obviously don't believe in god creating us or anything. I belive in evolution since it explains everything (well, everything relevent anyway), makes sense and fits in with everything else I've been taught. Plus when you look at, say, an ape, you can see how is resembles and acts like a human would so it makes sense they evoloved closely.

BTW, humans did not evolve from monkeys. Monkeys and humans evolved from a common ancestor.
i heard we are going to evolve to get a 2nd eyelid Surprised how mad is that... probably next 1000 years
How come scientist can't create fission?, because we know how to create fission,

uhhh a nuclear reactor is fission based (splitting of atoms)
fusion bombs (fusing of atoms) and fusion reactors exist (but take more energy to sustain the reaction than they get from it, though ITER might change that)[/quote]
Personally, I do not believe fully in evolution. I believe that humans have evolved in terms of intelligence, but I do not believe that all life stemmed originally from a unicellular organism.
"belief" isn't a word that should be used when one considers the validity of a theory. 'belief' belongs to those of faith. scientists, at least the ones worth their salt, do not 'believe' in anything. it is not a luxury that they can afford. Fundamentally, this is the problem with those wrestling with the idea of evolution. IF one were to believe evolution, then that would imply that the theory is absolutely correct... which simply isn't accurate. The theory of evolution is science's 'best guess' at explaining species diversity BASED on numerous and consistent observations (evidence). It does not asked to be believed; it asks to be disproven. Once people fully understand these concepts, they will ultimately realize that science is not directly opposed to faith...
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