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Ignorance isn't bliss

It is interesting how we can look back and say "Man, those medieval people were dumb from living with rats and that's why they got the plague."

But maybe in the future it will seem just as obvious why we are currently dying of cancer or heart disease or whatever. We'd be just as ignorant and primitive-seeming to them as medieval people seem to us.

Look at AIDS, for example. In areas where unprotected promiscuity is the norm, it spread very quickly, and is causing a lot of harm. Hardly any of them suspected what was going on, and perhaps many still don't in places like rural Africa or Asia. Same thing with Avian Flu, which is said to come from crowded, intensive animal farms. If it happens to evolve and kill off half the planet, the survivors will probably say "gosh, they were dumb for cramming 40 000 birds into one small shed, pooping all over one another... why didn't they see that that was bad news"...

But that's just the thing. We are going on without really thinking or planning about the side effects of our actions. We don't know that what we are a doing may be setting us up for a whole lot of pain.

Another example: most of the African-americans are descended from slaves. There is to this day a great deal of hostility between the euro and african-descended people in the states. Also you see a higher crime and violence in some of those communities of slave-decendants, which affects the whole nation. Couldn't the slavers 200 years ago understand the simple fact of "what goes around comes around"? The damage they were doing to those human beings and their descendants? They probably saw almost nothing wrong with it, but because of them everyone is suffering.

What are we doing today that we see nothing wrong with, but is harming our future generations? How can we even know?
I tend to agree, the human race mismanaged due to a lot of factors in history and it seems it is still the way in the present. It could be due to ignorance, greed or simply lack of care. Whatever the reason, learning from history should have had a positive effect but often our lessons do not seem to make much difference in our actions.

In my opinion, our present situation could have be better if we had realized simple things like tobacco was a serious health hazard and eliminated the practice, with life styles where burning carbon fuels could have been reduced a long time ago instead of waiting for the inevitable, that ‘war’ was really an obsolete action to take and that we really needed to establish a stronger world organization to manage the planet instead of individual governing bodies.

That would mean though that we would not be the human race as we have grown to accept - capable of great things, compassion and ignorant atrocities.

I believe we are all slaves to our repetitive stupidity when all we really need to do is turn around and do what is right and good with common sense but maybe there will always be those that will not even try.
Bluedoll wrote:
I believe we are all slaves to our repetitive stupidity when all we really need to do is turn around and do what is right and good with common sense but maybe there will always be those that will not even try.
Totally agreed. We just do not seem to "get it", possibly because we seem to be more focussed on basics and self-interest rather than preventive action.
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