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Chrome 3 beta

I downloaded the beta the other day, and it is pretty cool. The start page got a redesign, which I am not too fond of, but the addition of themes makes the browser a little more pretty. Right now I have the grey them installed, but there are a few that look really good.
Ghost Rider103
I just downloaded it. I personally like the new home page much better. The thumbnails are a little bit smaller, making more to be used on the page, and is easier on the eye.

However not everyone on the internet will have the same thoughts on a design, so not everyone will ever be pleased.

Next time, be sure to post a link.
I did not download it yet, but shortly I will do...
I'm in fact a little bit disappointed about the market share of chrome and I have to say that I used it for some days, but I went back to my old firefox...Wink
Google could get more market share if it would create some additional features in special for their gmail and their gcal applications... If this would be introduced, then people would get more attraction to use it...
I have tried chrome and its quite attractive by the looks but faced a few problems with the themes. so removed it from my computer and will test it once it comes out of the beta phase, as i am happy with my current brower The Opera.
By the way, is chrome another clone of mozilla like forefox and safari or is a complete rewrite from base like opera ?

If it is another mozilla browser, then I think it will be good looking and will work good like firefox but it is almost the same as firefox with a new UI.
No, chrome is a completely new browser. It shared a part (the webkit rendering engine) with safari, however.

It's nice that the beta is available in linux and mac os too. I tried the linux version and so far it seems good and fast (without plugins).
I have not downloaded the beta yet...but i am definately going to get it downloaded on my computer...i am addicted to google is so easy and convinient for me...and since i have been using it...i have not had this not responding problem with it....the stuff is tight...i got to go for the beta.
Oh sweet. I should be downloading this very soon. Glad to see I will be able to get it on Linux very soon, as well. I like Google Chrome, but was turned off a little bit by some of the bugs. It has improved very well, though. From the screenshots, I think I am going to like the new homepage. Very Happy
I'm download now =D!
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