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SSL in Frihost? Is this possible?

Is there any way to use SSL in Frihost?
I installed Joomla into my webspace in Frihost. Then I made few changes in Joomla settings(allowed SSL etc.) and my webpage wasn't working anymore normally. But I got this message

Hey, it worked !
The SSL/TLS-aware Apache webserver was
successfully installed on this website.

If you can see this page, then the people who own this website have just installed the Apache Web server software and the Apache Interface to OpenSSL (mod_ssl) successfully. They now have to add content to this directory and replace this placeholder page, or else point the server at their real content.

If you are seeing this page instead of the site you expected, please contact the administrator of the site involved. (Try sending mail to <webmaster@domain>.) Although this site is running the Apache software it almost certainly has no other connection to the Apache Group, so please do not send mail about this site or its contents to the Apache authors. If you do, your message will be ignored.
The Apache online documentation has been included with this distribution.
Especially also read the mod_ssl User Manual carefully.

Your are allowed to use the images below on your SSL-aware Apache Web server.
Thanks for using Apache, mod_ssl and OpenSSL!
I was lucky and I get back my webpage working normally, but I started thinking, can I use SSL on my webpage. When I read this notice, I see, that something is installed and working. Do I must do something to get SSL working in Frihost or there are no way to put my webpage work with SSL?

Thanks. Surely I have many mistakes in my text, hopefully you understand, and please, dont mind this:D!
I think you need private IP for a secure SSL, but frihost does not give private IPs (I think) (I never tried to set up SSL here). Where did that message come out?
leontius wrote:
Where did that message come out?

When I type instead of
Then comes Apache page, what says, that SSL is installed.
I would try to upload a .htaccess file to a subfolder or a subdomain that you want to use ssl for.
Let the file contain the following:

This will force the use of https in that folder/subdomain. You can't access it with http.
But I can't guarantee that it will work (and I'm pretty sure it won't work). It may just give you the same result as before. And I don't know how to change the certificate (as you may also want to do.)

Perhaps anyone in the frihost staff knows more...
leontius wrote:
I think you need private IP for a secure SSL, but frihost does not give private IPs (I think) (I never tried to set up SSL here). Where did that message come out?

No you don't need a static IP.

catscratches, no that won't work, the configurations needed to be done are on Apache configuration file, wich we don't have access Razz

First off all, if you want to your website use SSL connections you'll have to have an certificate (witch you have to pay, or you may try one [from the same guys from Comodo], for 90 days), if you don't use one certified by a CA, your users won't trust your site.

Having a certificate, including your keys, you'll have to ask Frihost staff to use it. If Frihost allow, they'll then configure Apache to use your certificate for your domain.

As SSL conections implies more processing, inflicts more stress to the server. Do you really need a secure site?
leontius wrote:
Do you really need a secure site?

No, I don't. In my first post I said, that I'm intrested about it(I don't need that), because I have read, like SSL is not enabled in Frihost.
My website works fine without SSL, so there is not any big reason, why I must use SSL.

I'm not professional with PHP, Apache etc. I think, it's hard to me, to put SSL work:D.
I got my answers and thanks for everyone who helped. Laughing
IMHO ssl is always a good choice if there is any sort of information (apart from page requests) being sent from the user of the page to the server. On webpages today that is almost always the case. Many people reuse passwords on several sites etc. etc. ant too much personal information ends up where it should not.

This is a great page and the "free" hosting service is awesome, so no real complaint, but again, a forum with users and passwords should run ssl (again just my opinion).

Not sure if there are any free ssl certificate options from authorities that are recognized in the browsers automatically, but there should be!
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