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Crack tis if u can

Hi All,

This is a very interesting puzzle that I have heard long back ago. Here we go…

A father drops his child at school daily in the morning by his car. He comes sharp at 6:00 pm to school (at any cost) in the evening to pick him up back to home. One day the school finishes off by 5:00 pm itself and so the boy starts walking towards the way his dad usually comes to the school. After a while he meets his dad on the same way coming for him for the routine pick up. And then from there they both set off towards their home. When the boy reaches home he comes to realize that he has reached 10 min earlier than the regular time. It is clear that the saved time is because the boy has walked for some distance.

Now you have to tell me the exact time for which the boy has walked.

P.S: The puzzle is very is easy if you think in a logical way, but could be pretty difficult to understand at the first go itself. Pls get back to me if u still can’t understand the puzzle or for any clarification.

Answer with the reason
65 minutes. The father's earlier 10 minutes is the son's extract walking time.
This is a hard puzzle lol. Can't solve it.
This is also called a Forum Game...and is not allowed on Frihost.

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