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Young & Dynamic Leaders the answers to the unsolved prob

There should always be a balance at any stage and at the national level it becomes imperative.To every problem there is one solution but many ways to get to that solution.The different ways of looking at any problem is very much essential in order to solve it.The young leaders have a different way of looking at things as compared to their older counterparts. Generation gap not only changes our behavior but also the very core of our mindset. The correctness of the mindset is very subjective and no one alone can provide solution to all the problems. The right decision is always derived taking into account all the aspects surrounding any problem and not just one face of it.

so a multi-polar leadership with a fair mix of experience & youth is the need of the hour.
dipesh wrote:
The young leaders have a different way of looking at things as compared to their older counterparts.

But if you rely on them too much, you loose the wisdom and experience that can prevent very costly mistakes.
Sometimes, by trying to do things differently, you end up doing things wrong.
Young people should be part of a political process, but in real terms you have to look at the statistics of crimes and the age of the people that commit crimes, young people in power is a good idea for the pure hearted, but it will only lead to corruption that is beyond that we know in todays politics and to prevent this to some extent we must rely on age and experience, hence the old term, which is there for a reason, 'better the devil you know, than the one you don't'
I don't think it should be age that determines whether someone is right for the position, but their abilities and experience. There may be young people who are very advanced in both, so I believe they should get the job. I believe that young people are much more mature than they were a few decades ago. Both parents have to work, so young people need to be more responsible at an earlier age, get to drive as early as possible, etc. etc. as well as take more active interest in politics, and responsible Government than a few decades ago.

However, I do not think it is right to select candidates on the basis of their age. It should not be a matter of young or old, but the best person for the job.
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