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Independent Politics in the UK

Independent Politicians or Party Politicians?
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 33%  [ 1 ]
Not bothered either way
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Total Votes : 3

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone would like to give any feedback on my friend and his standing in the political world, as he is just putting together his policies and is standing at the next UK general election as a member of parliament.

The website is

Any constructive suggestions on this thread would be listened to carefully.

Many thanks in advance


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independent members of the house of parliament are able to say and do as the voting electorate would wish. Unfortunately party politics stifles free speech and the way that the parties operate mean that one MP cannot do much within a party due to the back room deals made along the way to climb the party ladder of success and this truly compromises most party aligned MP's from being able to serve the community in a way that most would wish to do.

So... as an independent, he has more power than a party MP? It is more like, as an independent, he has no power without a party. I'm sorry, but thats how the Commons works.
That is true to a certain extent, but the problem with party politics is that as an individual you have to tow the party line and should your personal views differ from the party you have to shut up and fall in line as opposed to an independent, who, yes in the commons may not be able to speak out as much, but behind the scenes an independent can become a member of different committees that make the policies before they go to the house to be voted on and really make a difference there.
I'm not that experienced to be able to give advice, but am wondering however, how would he be sponsored, or is he a wealthy individual?

I always thought that society gets to pick their candidates, so if that is also true in the UK, would that be his ultimate goal? Stand independent, until he is noticed, recognized and canvassed for one of the parties?
He will be standing independent and self funded, as in the UK it costs 500 to enter in to a Parliament contest which you get back if you have enough votes, with the power of the internet it should not be hard to reach local people in the Leeds North West constituency of Yorkshire, UK, as it is the local people that vote for him only (if they choose to), also Ted is involved in a range of community projects and charities, also running his own business in the area and as such is already quite well known around the local area of Headingley and Leeds North West.

If you want to represent a party you must be selected by the local party members which involves quite a lot of hurdle jumping and then you have to tow the party line, so it is unlikely that Ted will join a party as none of the political parties have any interest in the local area, only self interest, as the current MP who is liberal democrat, Greg Mulholland has not done much if at all anything, I went to see him myself once about an ongoing issue with the local council, he could not and would not do anything, he is very negative about the opposition and only seems to do things that get him a photo opportunity, his best one so far is the latest news letter for the area which states he is fighting for a high speed rail link between Leeds and Westminster, well pardon me but is it not just for him and his cronies as westminster is where politicians are based and the rail link would only benefit him, jollying it off down south instead of representing the people as they come to him.

Vote for change, vote for
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