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Anyone played any of the Touhou games?

Seriously, who doesn't love a bullet-hell shooter? So let's see, an introduction...

Not to mention really great music.

And a countless number of parodies.

And a wiki.

And best of all, it's made by ONE GUY. Programming, graphics, and music. Wow.

Well, the 6th game anyway. It's the first modern one, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. There are tons of them, actually.
Yes i've played tohou (only the subterranian one) its pretty awesome, i wanna try the fighting one but it's really big.
Fighting ones are sort of spinoffs. Apparently it's all by one guy except for those, which is really incredible, especially the composition. Mainly, the guy's into waveform audio, so the background music is in .wav format rather than .mp3 so it's maybe 70% of all the downloads.

And I still haven't gotten around to Subterranean Animism.
The games are really awesome. I have a hard time beating it. Really a game you need to practise alot to make perfect. Alot of the spell patterns are really sweet and the effects too. To add on it's made only by one person, which makes it even more amazing.

Try it, it's definitely worth a try, and once you get hooked on, you'll be trying to beat the levels over and over again and increasing the difficulties until you beat the crap out of the game. This game can be downloaded online from many sources, I'm not sure if it's meant to be that way, but yea, if you want the game, google it. It's everywhere! =D
Touhou games are pretty good. Even though its old, Perfect Cherry Blossom is still the best one in my oppinion. But they're so hard. There are som many bullets on the screen and the powerups don't really count for it. I barely got past easy mode and that took me 5 continues. But its still a good game.
Haha! Well, it's really a game that requires alot of practise. There are certain patterns to follow to each boss and stage. You can learn it by checking on YouTube videos and stuff. But after you've mastered the game, you could show how good you are in the bullet hell, and make everyone so impressed with you. :p Fun game, really fun! =D
Ha, agreed. So now I've decided my favorite is Imperishable Night, mainly for the music. Out of all games, Touhou and otherwise, probably has the best soundtrack in my opinion.

I'm fine with the difficulty. For once a game series that bucks the trend of "easier is better." That seems to be the rule most of the time these days...
Easier is so not better. Haha, if there's no challenge to a game, then what's the point in playing it? XD
Though it's interesting that in the Touhou games anyway, Easy is usually harder than a lot of other games.
I havent played any, but it seems interesting to try
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