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Adult Swim

Are there any Adult Swim fans here.
I love it. ATHF, Sealab2021, Home Movies, Futurama, Family Guy...list goes on.

And I'm gald to see Family Guy is back on Fox. Smile
it is the sht
I love ATHF and Family Guy
Futurama rulez!!
Futurama and The Venture Brothers (Both are coming back!) rule.
I love ATHF and Family Guy. Sealab and Harvey Birdman are also favorites. Glad to see Venture Brothers back for another season.
whats Adult Swim?
Adult Swim is cartoon network at night time. It plays adult cartoons...I think it say it might be unsuitable for 13 years or younger...anyways I love Inuyasha! It is my favorite! I also like Trigun, Family Guy, Full Metal Alchemist, Futurama, and the Oblongs. Oh I also like Passion Hill. They are all hilarious.
How could no one mention Space Ghost Coast To Coast? That show is hilarious! I don't know if it is in reruns on Adult Swim anymore, but it's still great, nonetheless!
Harvey Birdman rocks!!!!!

.....oh yeah, go, Futurama, go.
I think that accounts when is a stupid show but it does funny sometimes. However, the French fry guy is pretty funny. The more that I watched the show and the more entertaining it is. It is too bad that they don’t have that channel.
We don't have Adult Swin or event the Cartoon Network for that matter but we have The Detour which airs the same shows on the country's cartoon network, Teletoon. The detour doesn't have slick ads like Adult Swim has.
We don't have adult swim. Sad My friend has told me about all the cool animes that are aired that I'm missing out on. I hope to get Adult Swim (and cartoon network) some time soon.
Perfect Hair Forever FTW.

It's a good lineup, but I think it's taking itself too seriously nowadays.
I love Adult Swim. Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, The Oblongs, and Inyuasha. But they do have some crappy shows on their. But the one that blows my mind the most is........Peewee's Playhouse. Why do they have that? That used to scare me as a kid. Now I watch it and its like my god a man talking to all these everyday objects and they talk back to him. I dunno its creepy and to me its just not something AS should have on there. It just doesn't go with the rest of the lineup.
They're only going to have Pee Wee's Playhouse on for accouple weeks, just like Saved by the Bell. I've tried to not watch PWP because the last thing I want to see is Pee Wee's face before I go to sleep, because it gives me nightmares, and I've been going to bed early.
No adult swim here (Israel) either... We have cartoon network but it shows little kid shows at night (The Magic Round'a'bout)....

I watch all the shows though... I just do it... errr... not so legally...

I love the Oblongs. Shame they never made a 2nd season.

They're all good actually...

It's a shame they don't just create a 24/7 chanel of adult oriented cartoons... there are more than enough:

The Adult Swim lot
Beavis & Butthead
Aeon Flux
The Head
The Maxx
The Critic
Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
Clone High
Invader Zim
Home Movies
The Ren & Stimpy Show
South Park
The Simpsons
The Tick
American Dad!
Clerks: The Animated Series
The Oblongs
Drawn Together
Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show
Bob and Margaret
King of the Hill

mmm.... I'm drooling on the keyboard.
I wouldn't want Drawn Together on that channel, I hated that show, because it would always emphasize stupid jokes, and never create anything whitty.
I really like the Boondocks, Stroker & Hoop and so on. Those are good one.
The Boondocks is great, no doubt. If I ever get a chance to work with Aaron McGruder, I would take it, first shot.
AS is hilarious. Brak was almost my favorite character on all the shows, but he gets annoying sometimes. I always wondered why they showed some of the imported anime that they did on AS, as most of it was suitable for anyone over 10...stuff like Trigun & Inuyasha (and very occassionally Cowboy Bebop) isn't really "adult", but it's still shown really late at night, oddly enough.
Aless wrote:
I always wondered why they showed some of the imported anime that they did on AS, as most of it was suitable for anyone over 10...stuff like Trigun & Inuyasha (and very occassionally Cowboy Bebop) isn't really "adult", but it's still shown really late at night, oddly enough.

What are you babbling about? People were dying all the time in those shows, and kids wouldn't understand the conflict of killing vs. not killing in Trigun. You need to learn to draw the line somewhere, and I wouldn't kids watching Inuyasha in the first place, because it SUCKS.
I'm with Rightclickscott on that one....
There is on Cartoon here at Brazil, one section with this name, but the cartoons are so strange, confuzed them - some I liked, some I don´t.

But I like very much cartoons at general, like the Fox ones Futurama, Simpsons and others.
Adult Swim is god's gift to the Cartoon Network. I get tired of them always showing Scooby Doo during the day. Isn't Naruto on Adult Swim? I just recently started liking that show. Also, whatever happened to Shamploo?
theres no adult swim in germany, but some of the shows listed here run on normal stations during the day. i find it confusing that inuyasha is considered as 13+, when it was aired in germany it was right after pokemon i believe at 3:15pm.

anyways i love futurama, and really hope they make more episodes of it, and by the sound of things they are. cant wait to see those
Mayday wrote:
Isn't Naruto on Adult Swim? I just recently started liking that show. Also, whatever happened to Shamploo?

Naruto is actually on Toonami, which I have grown to hate over the years. Shamploo is still around, the series ended after 26 episodes. They still show episodes late at Saturday and one of the 4 nights in the week, tuesday I think, but I'm not sure.
Here in argentina, Adult Swim is quite different. We have family guy, futurama and all the "fox" cartoons, in FOX tv. In CN you can see all the others, ATHF (just great), Sealab, Harvey Birdman Applause , Oblongs, Clone High (that one is SO great Cool ), Space Ghost and others I just don't remember. I 'd heard people complaining about the differences between our adult swim and the one in the states, I didn't know they had futurama and the others Rolling Eyes
Family Guy and American Dad = AWESOME!

i like the comedy in Family Guy its a decent show
but i prefer Beavis and Butthead more.

Cartoon Network airs Total Drama Island which is PG rated
and totally sadistic (Chris is sadistic) and funny.

I don't watch it because my house tends to have a lot of children all the time, though i've seen glimps of the channel segment and it's ok. Thought I am more into moves and tv shows that are not animated.
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