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Sonic 2 + 3. Better then recent games?

Recently i started playing Sonic 2 and 3 on the sega again. Very old games but still as good as they can get.

I find that i Largely prefer these old outdated versions of sonic compared to the latest releases of sonic that's 3D and has the option of like 4 different teams. xD

I understand sonic had to change with the times and stuff, but they just made it so different. Sorta like pokemon that used to have a classic 100 or 101 pokemon but now have over like 300. xD sometimes little is better.

Any opinons? Razz
Well these games are considered classics. In today's mostly 3D games, every once in a while a 2D sprite based games pops-up, which makes the game very special because they are considered rareties these days.
I'm surprised you didn't mention the original Sonic. That one I have fond memories of, and I used to play that for hours trying to get as far as I could.

Some of the new ones look cool, but I've never got around to playing them. I would be curious about the Wii versions that are with Mario. My daughter loves playing the old versions of Sonic.
Just because Sonic 2 and 3 are "very old", does not mean they are outdated. Especially when they play 100% better than any recent 2D or 3D Sonic game.

I prefer Sonic 3 over Sonic 2 by a long shot. But all the Sonic games from Sonic 1 to Sonic 3 & Knuckles are top notch. For me, the series got better and better with each game. Then Sonic 3D Blast game out, and things went downhill.
I loved the original sonic the hedgehog games. It's a shame the state the new sonic games are in. I think what made those games great was the sense of speed. If team sonic focused more on that than anything else I think they would start to move in the right direction.
Sonic just should go 3D in my opinion. The game was fun back then and I really enjoyed playing it. Race Mode is fun. And also having two player cooperative game play just makes it a huge plus for me. I think they could improve the graphics, but seriously, it shouldnt' go into a 3D perspective, it should be a sidescroller. >.<
You know, I've never really enjoyed any of the later Sonic the Hedgehog games. They're pretty lacking in quality, and only hold their value for a short time. I really do, however, enjoy the original 2D versions. They were much more entertaining, providing hours of fun. And they held their replay value very well. I know games change as time goes on, but I feel other series have managed to become modern and keep the core aspects that originally made them a great game. The Mario series is a good example. The jump to 3D with Super Mario 64 yielded one of the best games I've ever played. Sunshine and Brawl have also been top notch. It is a shame to see one awesome series go downhill like this. Still, I have some good fun with the older ones.
Indeed, the older Sonics are really fun. Could just remember playing it on my Sega 16-Bit so long ago with my counsins. And just getting really frustrated at dying, or killing the boss. (Robotnic was it?) And also collecting enough coins to turn into super saiyan hedgehog. That's just adorable. XD And also discovering all the secret stuff there is in the game. It's really fun. ^_^

Just noticed I had a few typo in my previous post. I meant to say "shouldn't". Haha.
You can find loads of remake games of sonic

new and old at

just search for Sonic

you search for slash

you can find classic games such as Pacman and Chuckie Egg made by me, bring on the 80s

There are also loads of Mario remakes as well
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