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Computers ?

Are computers a hobby or a way of life ?
How do you use yours?
I use mine for communication mostly, and entertainment. It's the only way I can communicate with my family and friends back home and not have it cost me an arm and a leg.
A hobby with my friends, and more of charity work with my family (fixing and upgrading) Rolling Eyes .
Definitely a way of life for me. Atleast that's the status currently..
Computer is a way of my life , work , communicate , entertain
It's generally both Razz, it's a hobby the way posting on forums is a hobby lol, but it's also the only way I can talk to family and friends who I don't see often. Msn is a lifestyle really lol, but surfing the web and playing games are hobbies...
I use my computer for loads of stuff. Watching movies, communication, games, ...

Both I think. Hobbies and way of life.
Ditto. I use my computer right from designing Websites, editing photos, to listening to music, watching videos, checking the Internet, etc. It is an important part of my life, at home and at work. Smile
They're one or the other or both for a variety of people. For me, it is a hobby. I guess I am too young to say I do work with the computer, but I don't stop trying.
Twotone wrote:
Are computers a hobby or a way of life ?
How do you use yours?

Work, Entertainment is what i use mine for, I don't know what you would categorize that as.
i love apple computer. APPle! APPle! Smile
its beautifull and secure Smile
my computer is a custom...home was great until one thing died and i took the cheap rode replacing my motherboard with a Chinese knock off and now its got problems again...but i still love it its super fast..still runs xp ( screw vista ) and it does everything i need from my editing in can handle it all
Are computers a hobby or a way of life ?
How do you use yours?

1. Merely a tool: as a pen, paper, book, mail.
2. Fighting: trying to make it work how I need, not how somebody who didn't pay for this computer wanted.
For me it is a bit of both. I use my computer for entertainment and to pass the time. It has become a way of life for me on my job as an engineer. All places I do work for require use of a computer.
Amazing how we all use computers but in High School a computer course is not required to graduate.
Ag is used by 1% of the population but is required now.
Well, I wouldn't say that the computer itself is a hobby, but I use my computers for one of my hobbies - code programming Smile

Nowadays, however, I use my computers (I have a laptop and a stationary desktop pc) mainly for school work.
Between being part of my career (I'm a web and graphic designer) and being my favorite's life, period. How sad is that?
I use computer in school and also (I hope so) I will use computer in my work - after I end school. I want to work as network's administrator, but world is more beautiful than games and everything connected to computer - like nature, sports and books!
Computers are my passion as far as I remember. I use them in everyday life and will use in future job (as a programmer I hope).
Computers are a way of life for me. I use it like everyday, for chatting, gaming ,watching movies etc. Its like an addiction to me...Smile
my computer is a huge hobby. But I don't use it only for gaming.
I use my laptop in school in nearly every lesson for working and have also earned money with it, in designing websites.

So it's both. Hobby and way of life. ^^
Twotone wrote:
Are computers a hobby or a way of life ?
How do you use yours?

Computers are a way of life but there are so many things in computers that creates many possibilties of hobbies for anyone. If you are interested in learning new things about a computer, or surfing the internet, playing PC games, creating programs or designing graphics or webpages, these are hobbies. If you just use the internet for important matters such as communication through email, chat or internet phones, or just visit websites for different purposes like shopping, research, writing a paper, then it is probably not a hobby.

We certainly use the computer both ways. I dont think there is a person not using the computer as a way of life or as a hobby. Same for me. It is both hobby and way of life.
It's a way of life, can't pass a day without it Very Happy, sometimes i open my computer and leave it opened lol XD, but i enjoy it and i dunno why.. it's like smoking i can't leave it a day, using it for communicating and games, songs, movies,, barely everything..... i also love designing websites and graphics designing also is wonderful! Enjoy your time!!

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Computers...computers...computers... I wouldn't be here if I didn't love computers. There's something about technology that I love, figuring out new gadgets and whatnot. For example, Street View. They're finally getting around to doing my city, and I LOVE the fact that they're doing it. It's a great way to show that nothing is impossible.

I'm constantly on the computer, there's just so much to do. Browse the internet, watch movies, play games, code websites, play around with Flash, draw. There's an endless amount of possibilities, and that's something I love doing. Smile
Both, I guess, but it also depends on what we put on them doesn't it or is it in them?
Very Happy
Computers themselves are a tool, not really a hobby per ce. They're about as much of a hobby as a car engine or a set of garden tools. Of course, the tool can be the basis for a number of hobbies; gaming, coding, media, writing, hardware building, etc etc.

It's like guitars... are they a hobby? No, but playing them can be, so can building them... so can collecting them.

Diablosblizz wrote:
Computers...computers...computers... I wouldn't be here if I didn't love computers. There's something about technology that I love, figuring out new gadgets and whatnot. For example, Street View. They're finally getting around to doing my city, and I LOVE the fact that they're doing it. It's a great way to show that nothing is impossible.

What city, if you don't mind my asking? I see you're also in Canada, but, well, 2nd largest country and all Razz They were just in my area too. Can't wait until it's actually added.
started as a hobby... now i guess it's a way of life considering i'm on one every day.
Spend most of my time on a PC, either in my job as a software developer or maintaining one of my hobby websites or playing games or posting on forums like this. Shame 'coz I absolulety HATE computers - they are the work of The Devil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Twotone wrote:
Are computers a hobby or a way of life ?
How do you use yours?


I make my living by day with computers. By night, some work carries over and my computers become somewhat of a hobby. So, that's why I said both.
Ha. Way of life. The comptuer is basically the central item in my room, and so much of the rest of the world is identified by where the computers are.

Various subcategories of computer activity are a hobby, but no, computers are a way of life.
computer is my hobby and a way of my life as well. i love computer!
I'M on computer 24/7
i use the computer for games and study . i also watch movies on it and enjoy socializing Laughing
Way of life Laughing

I use mine for everything, Making Games, Having Fun, Communication (E-mail and Aim), Making websites, Hobbies, "work", Videos (used to be a Youtube Junkie), graphic art/design (Paint.NET, Photoshop, but I was never a fan of gimp) and SO much more.
cant't live without my coputer
My computer is my life, too bad it's running windows 2000 and has 512mb of ram and uses on-board video ):
Without computer my life is not perfect. I must need computer with Internet. About 15 years i am using computer.
I use my computer for my extra income like designing a web layouts, graphic designs etc.. Also when im bored, i use it to have fun. Smile
all of the above.... I use some form of a computer about 90% of the time I am awake... (computer, phone, gps, ect)
internet change computer's character and range of application.
My computer sucks and the only thing it can handle is communication. It runs windows 2000 and it sucks so bad.
A computer is just a tool. What you use it for - now that can be a hobby, or it can be not a hobby. Smile
I just got a win7 after my winxp died on me. I use mine for work, funtime and to proram or make my own applications. I know many languages but learning about new functions and thing i havent yet had a chance to encounter is always fun to learn about.
i use the computer for work and play games and to browse internet webpages
I'm running Windows XP in my computer. I'm too many hours on computer, I need to diminish the time what I'm on the computer :D
I use computer everyday in my life and work now.
app893 wrote:
I use computer everyday in my life and work now.

Yea same, i use the computer everyday and i use it on college too very much .
As i can say is my life Smile
My desktop and laptop are just tools, not a way of life Smile On them, I manage my website, watch anime, download games and musics. Those are my hobbies. But I have to say, computers are really powerful Very Happy ,as I can do so many things Smile
Computers? A way of life.
Man I can't do anything without them, so I sit here everyday in front of my pc.
for me its both, its a hobby because i love surfing the net and i am enjoying with it, at the same time its a way of life because it is my work..
Both! I am in a course for web design.
Computers are also my hobby, i use them like 24/7, either for gaming or surfing or programming. I also like to build computers or upgrade components such as ram or cpu
According to me computer is my life. As I use for the computer for to many purpose as I most use it for earning the money when I am at office. I use it for entrainment to play the game when I am at home. And sometimes my laptop also use my brother for his study as well.
Way of life.. Use it for communication mostly, but also to play games. I'll make my study of it, so yea.. computer has differend kind of functions for me Very Happy!
I usally use mine for communication but some times i would code or play video games.
my computer is my hobby. i use my computer as along as there is power in it and i feels very sad any time my battery is down. I use my computer to study, watch movies,play music, surf the internet for information,save important files and play games.
I think by the middle 21st century it will be everyone's way of life.
Even those technophobes and conservatives.
Twotone wrote:
Are computers a hobby or a way of life ?
How do you use yours?

Its a hobby and a way of study new things to me.
When i was studying M.SC my parents asked me, 'do you want a computer or a bike',
I was unemployed at that time and i proffered a computer. That was my first computer.
I like computer as i like programming. Still i stick with it, so it is my hobby
It started many, many years ago for work and has become part of home life for pleasure.
I use my computer for almost everything. My accounting, activities, internet, scheduling, entertainment and a whole lot of other stuff. It is a big part of my life.
I use my computer mainly for entertainment. It also keeps me connected with friends and family, far and wide. It helps me be in so many places at once. I guess it is also a hobby.
Both. Computers are both a way of life and a hobby. I like to play with Websites, create logos and do hobby stuff in my free time. I'm going to be visiting family in South Africa who don't have computers at home, nor are connected with the Internet. Can't imagine how I am going to survive without a computer, but probably will be good for me for a change Smile
Da Rossa
Twotone wrote:
Are computers a hobby or a way of life ?
How do you use yours?

Computers are, today, a undismissable tool. I use for pretty much everything.
My computer my computer, oh my computer.
What a friend I have in you, oh my computer.
You are always there for me, oh my computer.
You erase boredom from my day, oh my computer.
Enlightenment and entertainment I gain from thee, oh my computer.
I will never forget you, oh my computer.
You are indeed a way of life, my dear COMPUTER

This is a little poem I can write on my computer as it is not a hobby to me but I see it as a way of life.
Da Rossa
OMG you're a devotee!!
A tool, that ends up being used so frequently it appears to be a way of life.
Da Rossa
Computers were supposed to be an instrument not the end or meaning of life!!
This is the way to earn that's why i love it
I like to think of it of serving both purposes.

Daily normal usage like everyone, for school for work for fun.
I also use it so that I can meddle around with my photoshop and dreamweaver for graphics and web designing... which I like to think them as my hobby
Computers are definitely a way of life. There are tons of people that pay there bills because they spend 5+ hours a day on the computer(I spend more Razz). But anyways, I hope to be able to pay my bills with my computer within the upcoming months by running some successful websites.
Computer is both my hobby and my way of life. Hobby cos its something I like use (normally I enjoy using my computer) and a way of life because I can't do without it (I will just go mad / insane) without it....
Computer is obviously way of life. We use it for work, for play, for entertainment
Its my first post here on frihost. So, computers. The first thing I did with an internet connection was to search about Bill Gates Smile Which I must honestly admit I do today too. Books on computers dull my head and strain my eyes. Games ok. Music yes. Movies sometimes. I am mostly look for fresh air.
Twotone wrote:
Are computers a hobby or a way of life ?
How do you use yours?

its a way of life for me, im a coder so im at a desk all day pounding away at my keyboard
computers makes my work easily..
i can't without computers..
Computer make my life most worthy. As without i cant live a single day. It is also may because as I am tech geek. I spend almost 20 hrs on computer.
Way of life,
Building them, fixing them, using them, gaming on them.
Everything I need in life.
I am a software engineer so for me it is a way of life
Radar wrote:
Ha. Way of life. The comptuer is basically the central item in my room, and so much of the rest of the world is identified by where the computers are.

Various subcategories of computer activity are a hobby, but no, computers are a way of life.

yes of course
I use mine for hobbies because I love playing video games for mostly. but when I get a job it'll just be mostly for spare time If I have any! D:
some people use for games,some use to study,some people work with computer,and anothe rpeople fix them kkk.
Computers are both the way of life and hobby, beside they have become a need for us. I use my computer to watch movies, play games, write my articles, prepare homework and many more. They actually have become a part of my life.
I software developer. I use computer for job.
I use computer as way of life. I use it for official and personal workings, to communicate others, for entertainment
I would say, YES, computer is a hobby.
and it is a bad hobby but as with other hobbies users spent more time than required.
Anyway, I use my PC as a way to communicate, searching job - though did not get yet, making documents, even making call via some software and/or Majic Jack. I also use for programming.
I do run Virtual machine and run Lunux - Cent OS.

I do watch movies - a lot - as well.

How I can say it hobby, I love to have blue tooth, wireless Keyboard and Mouse. I bought WiFi enables Printer+scanner.
I bought many USBs and SD/microSD cards.
I use it to update/backup GPS and to sync my Cellphone.
I edit/add contacts in Microsoft OutLook and upload to my smart phone.
Computer is my life. Mind? Ok say it 1/2 of my life, still mind? 1/4 of my life. Still mind? it is 1/4 of life.
So I feel at least 25% of my life is Computer.
Computer is my hobby,
Computer is a way of life.
Both for me.
Some i like to learn new language.
when you are in a business, they are a way of life. You cant work without them..
Being a Computer Science Student ,Computer is my tool and the centre of my attention !!
I usually spend 15-20 hours on my laptop surfing the net , doing my work.! Hence it is my life and the most important thing in my life ! Wink
My computer is definitely a way of life for me. I wouldn't call myself a techy, but computers and the interactions they support a key part of my income and hobby
I use it each day. It's my hoppy besides football
I can say that my pc is a my temperory like partner because this time i am fully depend on computer. But in future i donot know Very Happy
I use it for communication and enterteinment
I think most of people use the computer for this
to talk, to find things (google), to study, to find a date Razz
Computers are not just only my hobby its my life also..................
Computers are amazing for doing everything in life. They are both used for businesses and hobbies.
What began as a hobby eventually changed my life. I used to be a blue collar worker.(mechanic) As the years passed, I became a self taught programmer/tech and now I'm the I.T. manager for a mid-sized company. I do however believe it takes the combination of computers and the Internet. I believe the distinction between the the PC (the device itself) and the use of the Internet has gradually disappeared. Usually when someone says they 'got on the computer' they mean I was surfing the web or playing an online game. These things can be accomplished with phones, tablets and game consoles. People who are passionate about PC's (the device itself) generally tend to be hobbyists. Yeah, I'm one of those too.
People can live without computers. As long as you breath, you're alive.
But what is life without computers, right?
Without it, you're like half dead. Like you're kind of an Undead.
No emotions, no nothing.
Very sad life.
Computers are now a days is my part of life. Its my hobby and I think I have used it properly for a right purpose. I communicate, entertain, work with it, earn some amount and many more. In next word, I have taken it as a good friend of mine. I don't have a new, branded and modern type of computer. I have a Pentium 3 with only 40GB Hard disk and 256MB of RAM but its my old and gold friend.
i think computer is becoming a part of life. we through it read news,search messages, communicating with each other , listen music etc.
computer is a part of my life. every day i need to use it, though it i can do a lots of things. without it,i just think the day is so long and boring.
computer is a big part of my life. Peace be upon the person who invented the computer: D
computer have turned out to be a way of life for me. i can't really do without it this days.
Because they enjoy it
Because they have to

People use computers as they make their jobs easier. They can be used for communication purposes (internet), to store and calculate data and to write up massive documents multiple times while only needing to write it up once. Others use computers for entertainment value; to play games, watch movies and play music etc. Computers are also more convenient and reliable than the older ways of doing things, like type writers, scales and other counting devices.

I use more of it as a personal helper, diary
i love computer but i does not spend lot of time in it
both Smile.
working 8h in front of it and still got home n playing games/social net with my laptop.
computer makes our life very many works we do on computer just a single click.its a very useful machine.some people take it as a hobby but i use it as a work.
I do however believe it takes the combination of computers and the Internet. I believe the distinction between the the PC (the device itself) and the use of the Internet has gradually disappeared. beside they have become a need for us. I use my computer to watch movies, play games, write my articles.
at this time computer is part of our daily live.. it is necessarily to have computers specially if your work is information technology. you cannot depend the computer in the office you need to have one on our own to keep our work and always updated in information technology.
Today computer is more then a hobby for me, it's probably a way of life. I really enjoy programming and website creation. My second love is Linux operation systems - try it and you will see why. I could spend hours configuring my precious Arch (yeye I know its wicked) and it became my main hobby. It tooks time and patience but results are amazing! Computer is a device that should be used with caution. I'm forcing myself to make a break every 2 hours (it should be 15 min but....) and stretch a bit. I cannot imagine my life without computers nowadays Shocked
I cannot imagine my life without computers nowadays --- I agree. Right now i open/check/used my computer 5 hours a day in saturday and sunday but from mon to fri i am in my computer 9 hours a day.
Computer (internet) has been a tool for work, education, countless entertainment but ever since moving to another country it has been a portal into things back home. I really couldn't imagine living here in South Korea without the internet. I surround myself in Korean culture and friends but having friends and family a click away and can talk to them through skype, life is easier.
Both are suitable to me! I like to play games first and the second is want to learn
I am connected to my computer pretty much. I probably spend... let's see... about 8 hours in front of it every day? Hah. And considering I spend 7 hours at school everyday that's saying something. (In case you were wondering, I don't really sleep.)

So definitely a way of life. xD
computer are my hobby
i use php because i love php
i use computer until 8 hours
slightly more than Laughing
Computer has been become a overall things.It is way of life.It is also tools for making money and so on.
Yes, computer is a hobby, however without Internet computer is nothing
Computers can be used in different ways. the three of them could be : entertainment, education, communication.
It's a tool to make things done digitally.

It can also be a hobby.

So it's both.

A hobby and a tool.
Before, I only use it for information sources in doing my school works. But now, I also use it to communicate with other people through social networking sites and communities. Just last last year (2010), creating websites, editing videos and images, playing games, and downloading stuffs have been one of my hobbies. I also enjoy watching dramas, anime, and reading manga in the internet so it's also a form of entertainment for me.

I'm always in front of my computer when I'm at home so it'll be boring without it. I remember that time when there was a typhoon in our country and Manila was in a quite high storm signal. Trees and electricity posts went down because of the strong wind. There was no electricity for about 2 days and no internet connection for 4-5 days. I was really really bored especially when there was still no electricity. The only thing I can do on my computer without internet was play Sims 3 or either code a website and store it until the internet comes back. Laughing
Computer just being the most usefull thing in my life.
Always use it to do some stuff, and much more..
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