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Who's your favorite actor/actress?

Is there a board like this already? I'd be surprised if not but I didn't see one so I thought I'd make one. My personal favorite actor of the moment would have to be Eric Bana. I remember seeing him for the first time in Troy, and loving him then, but recently I saw him in Munich, and he blew me away. He's so talented, and seems like a very genuine, down to earth kinda guy, which you never get much of in Hollywood.
i like this actor due to his versatility.
My favorite actor has to be Sylvester Stallone and the reason is because it the only movie i remember watching first. The movie was "Over the top", and that is also my favorite movie of all time.
I don't exactly have a favorite actress, but if i had to choose now it would have to be...Sandra Bullock because she is very funny and humorous.
Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp
fav actress: Christina Ricci, Alyson Hannigan...this one time, at band camp

fav actors: Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Will Smith
I like Robert de Niro and Harrison Ford because they are absolutely charismatic.
Ben_Carrington wrote:
I like Robert de Niro and Harrison Ford because they are absolutely charismatic.
Andy Garcia is great, I don't know why, but I'm not a great fan of Robert de Niro's, he feels a little "dark" for me (moodwise). Harrison Ford is super, especially in his Indiana Jones series. Bandero is also a good actor.
Antonio Banderas is my favourite actor; there’s something about him that catches my attention, maybe it’s the Spanish ascent.
Leighton meester(Gossip Girl), Blake Lively(gossip Girl), taylor Momsen(Gossip girl), jessica Stroup(90210) and Mischa Barton(The O.C). Oh and also Wialla Holland(Gossip girl and The O.C)
I love Ryan Reynolds, he is such a good actor/comedian and all his movies make me laugh
I can't believe this isn't already a thread, but I see seniors frihosters responding - so , so will I. Best actor in my op. - Bruce Willis - I'll watch anything he's in and rarely feel disappointed. Favorite actress - Natalie Wood if they don't have to be living, and Hilary Swank otherwise.

- TVme
honestly I really like the actors and actresses who can actually act, and that's not as easy to find as I expect it would be. it helps when they're really pretty, hard as that is to admit.

favorite actresses: Claire Danes and Mary Louise Parker

favorite actors include Joaquin Phoenix (does he count? is he still an actor?) and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Don't really have a favourite actor. An actress that I value highly is Summer Glau, partly because she's brilliant, and partly because she's been in so few things as to make her appearances all the greater by their rarity.

Steve Carrell is an actor that I'm gaining a lot of respect for. He's been in a dozen movies in the last few years, with varying roles, and each of them he pulls off really well. 'Get Smart' wasn't what I'd hoped for, but I don't think it could ever be what the series so, so I'm okay with that mostly.
Arnold Schwarzenegger ( cant spell his last name ) Razz and actress is Mischa Barton for The O.C.
My fovurite actor is Edward Norton, especially for his performance in 25th hour, and for actress my fovurite is Naomi Watts, i first wacthed her in Mullholland Drive and she was brilliant in that movie.
I can honestly say that Ewan McGregor is my favorite actor. Cate Blanchet is pretty good. So is Penelope Cruz.
Alan Rickman is my favorite actor.
I am all about the villians in stories, without a good villian to fight the hero of the story has nothing to do and Alan Rickman is the best villian I have seen in a long time.
Now sexiest actor is another category altogether!
For sexiest my list is
Brad Pitt
Antonio Banderas
Kevin Sorbo
Harrison Ford...yes, still
I like leonardo di caprio.... he has acted in some really good movies.. Titanic and Blood Diamond being the best.. Favourite actress for me would be Kate Winslet.. again she was good in Titanic.
Julia Roberts. After taking time off to enjoy her twins and family time on her Taos, NM ranch, Roberts returned to work – this time, surprising many by accepting a role on Broadway. In April of 2006, Roberts headlined the Richard Greenberg drama, "Three Days of Rain," co-starring Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper. Although her reviews were lukewarm, the play sold out its 12-week run, proving Roberts' appeal extended beyond the big screen and magazine covers. Turning to animation, Roberts voiced Nurse Ant Hova in “The Ant Bully” (2006), then took on the more familiar characterization of Charlotte the Spider in the endearing adaptation of the children’s classic, “Charlotte’s Web” (2006). Roberts then delivered another tour-de-force performance in “Charlie Wilson’s War” (2007), playing a wealthy, anti-communist Texas socialite who helps bankroll a bachelor congressman (Tom Hanks) known as Good Time Charlie and his surprisingly effective covert operation to fund the mujahedeen warriors fighting the Soviets after they invaded Afghanistan in the 1980s. Roberts earned rave critical reviews and a Golden Globe Award nomination for her compelling performance.
Leonardo DiCaprio. Back in the feature world, he played a CIA operative who helps infiltrate a major terrorist network in Jordan, only to come to distrust a veteran agent (Russell Crowe) inside the operation, in “Body of Lies” (2008). He then enjoyed a long-awaited reunion with “Titanic” co-star Kate Winslet for “Revolutionary Road” (2008), a period story that depicted DiCaprio and Winslet as a young married couple in the 1950s who move to France to find fulfillment, but instead find their relationship deteriorating into an endless cycle of jealousy and recriminations. Meanwhile, DiCaprio worked once again with Scorsese; this time on “Ashecliffe” (2009), a mystery thriller about two U.S. Marshals in the 1950s who are sent to a federal institution for the criminally insane in Boston’s Outer Harbor in order to capture a violent female escapee. Toward the end of 2008, DiCaprio earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama for his performance in “Revolutionary Road.”
My favourite actor is Nicolas Cage. Mainly because I really like the characters he play and love the movies he's in.
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