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a must visit place in India.
with beaches all around it it is a paradise.
there are about 32 beaches in goa but only 5 to 8 attracts tourists. Foreigners are seen on the beaches for tanning of their skin. they usually stay there for 6 months for this purpose.

a glass of 'Feni' should not be missed,it being famous drink of goa.
Also one can see dolphins if one goes deep in sea.
with churches all around goa,mainly goan population are christians.
I will be going to Goa next week, and will be visiting the beaches and other sceneries as well. Very Happy
Yes, I think all over in Asia Goa also a famous Visit place.
Goa is one of the beautiful place in the India, I go many time at this place, There is so many awesoem beaches available,Its is also my favorite place.There weather is really cool.
i'm planning on going to goa for new years.. really looking forward to it.. supposed to be an amazing place!
Heard about Goa a lot...
Never had any chance to visit the place.... Confused
Will try to enjoy the beaches and sunset/sunrise scene there.... Razz
First time I heard the word GOA. In the context of the music was inspired by this place amazing. I'm talking about Goa trance. I'm talking about 93-98 years ..
Amazing Goa India is amazing. Their culture as well even magical ..
The second time I heard about Goa was in Nepal in 2002 as they walked and heard the good parties there

long live oldscholl goatance

I would love to go to Goa as well. Good friends of mine have done so, and came back with glowing reports. Only problem for me is that I have to get a Visa and my last encounter with the Indian Embassy in the UAE was not a good one. I then ended up going to Sri Lanka instead, and that was a great experience as well, also hazzle free as far as visas are concerned. One can get one upon arrival.
i love to go there its my one of the favorite place.
Goa is really an amazing honeymoon destination in India. Goa also have a unique culture and climate which prompts you to visit this place frequently..
georgekalathil wrote:
Goa is really an amazing honeymoon destination in India. Goa also have a unique culture and climate which prompts you to visit this place frequently..
Ha! Just the place I would stay away from. I'd rather go to places as far as possible from honeymooners. Like Madagascar would be a great place, I've never been there before. I am also seriously considering Turkey.
i want to see how play GOA GIL
psychomonkey wrote:
i want to see how play GOA GIL

my friend say that he play 14 hour non stop. i think it gorgeous
I'd love to visit Goa someday
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