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How hard to find analog of the good template

Want to share with you my today's woes and listen to your advice:

At last I found incredible template, Whirlpool, fish theme, css-html. Free, promotion, excellent.
But: the right column of the fine print near free templates says that they couldn't be used for commercial purposes (and I plan in far future to use AdSense) and can't be used for user's own website at all. I guess, desktop and education purposes only. I respect that, ZenGarden does the same.

OK, after that I went through the premium templates at this and others large template offering websites. Nothing even comparable in style.

If one designer stays so high above the others (in my eyes, naturally), what are chances to find something ready made at the same level at premium templates sites? Category Animals and Pets doesn't show too much fish templates at all and keyword search for a fish shows even less.

What would you do in such situation?
Try to hire another designer or try to make own DIY half-baked css with own drawings that will take a lot of time?

Any designer has own perception and skills, and generally speaking will do everything how he or she can, not how I want, even with example given. So far I see no solution. Internet is filled by paid templates and one can't find anything even comparable Crying or Very sad
Or wait until promotion ends and they move it into premium section that allows using it on website?

Before that, never I my life I could allow even a thought that finding a good website template could be a problem at all...
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