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Mr. President, What's the rush?

Should a plan like this Massachusetts' be used instead of the healthcare plan being proposed now?
Yes, I'd like to save $982.5 billion dollars per year while still getting coverage for everybody!
 60%  [ 3 ]
No! I like spending money.
 0%  [ 0 ]
No! How dare you criticize a project of our Lord, Obama?
 20%  [ 1 ]
Hey, I could save money by riding the BUS to work! O.O
 20%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 5

(opinion column)

Health care cannot be handled the same way as the stimulus and cap-and-trade bills. With those, the president stuck to the old style of lawmaking: He threw in every special favor imaginable, ground it up and crammed it through a partisan Democratic Congress. Health care is simply too important to the economy, to employment and to America's families to be larded up and rushed through on an artificial deadline. There's a better way. And the lessons we learned in Massachusetts could help Washington find it.


Massachusetts also proved that you don't need government insurance. Our citizens purchase private, free-market medical insurance. There is no "public option." With more than 1,300 health insurance companies, a federal government insurance company isn't necessary. It would inevitably lead to massive taxpayer subsidies, to lobbyist-inspired coverage mandates and to the liberals' dream: a European-style single-payer system. To find common ground with skeptical Republicans and conservative Democrats, the president will have to jettison left-wing ideology for practicality and dump the public option.


The Massachusetts plan

• Everyone must buy health insurance or face tax penalties.

• Hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on free hospital care were converted into subsidies to help the needy buy insurance.

• A health insurance "exchange" was established to help connect the uninsured with private health plans at more affordable rates.

• Health plans can offer consumers higher deductibles and more restrictive physician and hospital networks in order to lower costs.

• Businesses with 11 or more workers that do not offer insurance must pay a $295 per employee fee.

Source: Massachusetts Health Connector Authority

How well did the Massachusetts plan work?

The Massachusetts reform aimed at getting virtually all our citizens insured. In that, it worked: 98% of our citizens are insured, 440,000 previously uninsured are covered and almost half of those purchased insurance on their own, with no subsidy


When our bill passed three years ago, the legislature projected that our program would cost $725 million in 2009. At $723 million, next year's forecast is pretty much on target. When you calculate all the savings, including that from the free hospital care we eliminated, the net cost to the state is approximately $350 million. The watchdog Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation concluded that our program's cost is "relatively modest" and "well within initial projections."

Massachusetts has a little over 2% of the USA's population, so if we multiply that $350 million by 50, to cover 100% of the population with it, the cost would be $17.5 Billion.

A $17.5 Billion dollar plan that would work just as well as the proposed $1 Trillion Plan? Now that's a good idea!

Let's whip out the calculator, and figure up how much each plan would cost per person in the USA...
$57 - Price of a Massachusetts-style program, per person.
$3628 -Price of an Obama-style program, per person.
Which would you rather pay?

So, should a plan like this one be adopted federally, instead of Obama's nationalized healthcare plan?
That's fantastic, as much as I am not a fan of Taxachusetts it's a pretty comprehensive well thought out plan. I hadn't heard about this plan, when was the legislature passed?
Now you're talking. This is how it happened in Canada too. I think it was Saskatchewan who came up with an example of how to do it, and turned out to be a model for others to discuss and deliberate. So perhaps the US does already have its own model and all that needs to be done is to deliberate how it can be made to work in the other States as well.
coolclay wrote:
when was the legislature passed?

ocalhoun wrote:


When our bill passed three years ago,

Rolling Eyes
I wonder why the media did not make much more of the Massachusetts plan? Maybe it could have been added as an option for comment when all those polls were conducted?
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