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am i just a control freak

I have been with my girlfriend for over 6 years and i have been cool with letting her go out with one of her friends out to lunch or dinner or a movie but she has been doing other stuff like hanging out with new people and drinking i dont mind she meets other people but the fact that she tells me she is going somewhere else and she does the opposite we have had trust issues in the past that is why i am really trying to trust her and let her have her space but last week she left my house at 7 and came back to almost 1 am do you think im wrong i was okay if she came home until 11 pm or even 11:30 but i think after hours of 12 am i think some people are only out there looking for somethingelse, last night she left at 5:30 and came back till 11:30 pm and if felt like its too much time to be out there having her space am i just trying to control the relantionship? Oh and i dont go out on my own i dont feel like i need it
It makes sense for you to be concerned. From the sound of it, it seems she's not committed to the relationship in the same way that you are. (But then again, you're not really married. So...)
Sure, going out during the day with her friends is reasonable enough, but when she's staying out so late with new people, it gives due cause to worry about her. Not just because you don't trust her necessarily, but something bad could happen to her if she's taking drinks under the cover of dark, and in the presence of strangers.
Perhaps you could talk to her in this angle: that you're concerned about her being out so late at night with people you can't contact. Have her call you to tell you where she's going when she plans to stay out past 10 so you know where she last was just in case she never comes home. Perhaps explain to her that you think she's beautiful, and you're worried about her being abducted or something! It's common sense.
If she can't agree to something as simple as that, then you have much larger issues to overcome with her, and you need to do some major reconsidering.
No dude your not a control freak. In my opinion based from the statements you gave. You already offered much as any guy can give. And probably you know her well more than everyone in this forum does so I think that our advice wont do much good. All we can do is encourage you and show sympathy(just in case you broke up). However, I think everything can be solved in conversing, try knowing what she is doing and why. Try to think more critical and logical rather than trying to prove that you are right and she is wrong. And if you have already talked to her about that, then from that point on.It is your decision to make and not for anyone of us in this forum to decide.

Anyways good luck though. Hoping the best for the bought of you(if she is still your girlfriend)
And if you already broke up. Screw her! there are more girls in the world for you.

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