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Favorite animal??

Whats your favorite animal and why??
I really love dogs I can watch hours to them when they are entertaining themself.
Same counts for fishes, I can watch hours to them too.
But the coolest fish are that deep living fish, with weird shapes and big mouths etc.
I like lots of animals...but I dont want to have any of them as pets. I am not interested in feeding my own animals! I like to look at animals at the zoo or in the wild. Here in New Zealand we dont have too many "wild" animals apart from birds and possums and rabbits. We lived in Canada for a couple of years though, and that was awesome, with the deer, and bears and moose and elk and all sorts.

Animals are pretty cool
i like snakes. coz they are scary and can kill my neighbours dog at will
the cheetah, if you see them in action you will know why
i love angry birds... they make me go wild.
mykiru_isyusero wrote:
i love angry birds... they make me go wild.

angry birds?
My favorite animal is actually the most expensive pet you can imagine. You can find more at and since I saw these huge cats or actually mini-leopards I was fascinated. The can grow very tall (for a cat). Hopefully they will always stay nice and calm, because you dont want an adult (mini-)leopard jump at you and have them scratch and bit you.

Not sure if I will ever have enough outdoor space and off course enough money to afford an animal like this, but this are definitely my favorite animal.

The price of one of these pets start at at least 22000,- Dollar Sad Sad
I was a dog person myself, until I got a cat.
Don't get me wrong, I love dogs! But I think I like cats better. Maybe because I'm more attuned to their lifestyle of eating and sleeping. Wink
My favorite animal is any big cat really, but mostly lions. WHy? do you really have to ask? they are bad asses of the jungle, you mess with them and you won't get out alive. just look at this picture...

cute but dangerous


Just because...
My favorite pet is probably my old blue tongue lizard, I used him for breeding until he died in bushfires Sad
Thats an easy one for me, dogs. I have always lived with them my entire life and plan to have them for as long as I live. Right now I have a 7 year old great dane that is over six feet tall when standing on his back legs and a 1 year old black lab and boxer mix. She is a blast to be with and such a goofy dog. She can run like its nothing and we always enjoy playing catch in the yard. It just amazes me how well she can run and fast. Before these two I have now I used to have a German shepherd and rottweiler mix and an Australian sheep dog. They were both very good dogs and protective over our whole family.
Any yet I don't have one right now.
I find a dog as the best domestic animal. Dog are devoted and the best friend of the person. One can go with them Walk nicely. And they are loyal.
Well, I think I've got to say dog, since that is what we have in our family.

[quote=tdossi]I find a dog as the best domestic animal. Dog are devoted and the best friend of the person. One can go with them Walk nicely. And they are loyal.[/quote]

That is very true.
I love dogs, but to be more specific, pugs. I currently have three pugs. Their names are Oscar, Fletcher, and Macy. I've had Oscar for about 13 years now, and have had the other 2 for 2 years, but they are 6 years old. I love them all to death, i just wish they weren't so fat! They're are extremely friendly and cute. Go get some!!
my favorite green winged makaw...i found in my tree....freak occurance.... this birds crazy...and tempermental...he screeches when he doesnt get attention...he hates moles..always tries to eat mine...and he has a fascination with curtains!
I would have to say something like a wolf. They're intense with the senses and overall awesome. Plus they're beautiful like dogs.
I love dogs, but more like pugs, english bulldogs, french bulldogs, boston terriers...Dogs that are kind of ugly, or like, so ugly that it's cute! With squishy faces and stuff =P. I also love pandas, the coolest, most laid back animal on the planet. And baby seals, because they are so adorable.
My favourite animal is fish.
It doesn't matter what type of fish it is, I just love them.
I personally do not like the taste of them however the reason why i love it is because I like their interesting way of receiving air and their natural movement and the pattern they swim in, especially when they are gliding.
You may think i am abit strange or retarded, however if you see and study fish abit more, maybe you will be interest in it like me.
I don't know why but as long as i can remember i've been interesting in polar bears and penguins. Why - i wonder sometimes ? I think it's because they can take care of yourselfs without no-one else. Also they live in peace (i mean don't disturbing by humans).
My favorite game animals are Canadian geese. I love to go waterfowl hunting.
My favorite animal is the rabbit because it is cute and cuddly. Also i like the rabbit's ears, they seem so unique.
I love dogs and cats. I think that they are my favorite animals.

For those who love birds, I love animals that I can interact with. Birds does not really interact with humans. Parrots do sometimes (depending on the breed).
I also love dogs and cats. These are both great animals. If this does not damage them mutually understand. If this damages it always between dogs and cats argue gives. One cannot have them, therefore, at the same time.
cats...they so independent...
Cats but only small ones.
Dogs of course cuz they're very friendly.
ide have to say horses....its almost like they can read your mind..and sense your emotions..ive gone in the barn depressed as hell and the horses seem to be more playfull to they are trying to cheer you up hey just know..its amazing really
I like all animal really... (except cockroaches). But I am a I love all life....

I do have a cat as a pet...and I would love to have a dog...but I live in a tiny apartment and am busy all day so it is not a good thing to do right now.
My favorite animal is cat. Its meek and has good relationship with us. The cat also helps people catching the mice and is mens good friend.
I love dogs. I have a pet dog and i like it very much. The thing i hate the most is cockroach. I know they will not harm me but i always feel frightened when they run past me at the night and when they come flying when i open my cupboard.
I love Lions. Such amazing animals, even though they are kinda lazy Razz
They're so powerful it's awesome to see them hunt.
My favorite kind of animal would probably be Wolves, dogs, cats, horses. I have had a Horse run into a Wild Wolf and the horse didn't kick me off because of it being scared, We just ran away from the wolf and lost the wolf. So from that point, I been careful riding horses in the wild, (P.S. Always carry a shotgun) lol
My favorite animal is without a doubt the Dog, god spelled backwards, man's best friend, the greatest gift to man/woman for companionship, family, and faithful like no human would ever know to be. They are the best.

At 50 years old, having had numerous female relationships, family, friends, people pass away over the years, divorces, and loss of people in your life, all of which are cause to grieve, and feel loss. I have never felt a loss or emptiness like I did when I lost my little 7lb. poodle this last December. I was shocked and stunned, I had never felt an emptiness or loss like that. The broken hearrtedness and sadness I felt from the loss of lovers and even family for that matter, seemd no where near as accute as the loss of that little doggie felt to me. I know that might sound mean or heartless, but I felt more love, faith and companionship from that little dog, than I have ever felt from a human. He was my partner and my best friend and we did everything together and I never ever felt invaded by him or like I need space from him, when I took time to myself, he would just hang out, and be happy to be with me, he was a pleasure to have and take care of, and I miss him a lot.

Dogs, dogs are the best!
i love all the baby animals!!
Dog is my favourite animal.
Actually I own one - they are cute =]
Well My favorite Animal is Lion because he is the King of the Forest . Another Favorite animal is Deer because they look beautiful .
I am not very sure about my favorite animal (I think goat as pet).
I do know what is favorite animal of my little daughter (three years old).
It is CAT.
She loves cat a lot even it is not in my home yet (not sure I would be forced to keep it).
When I say 'is cat bad', she sys no. When I ask if bad cat is bad, she still sys, no bad cat is not bad, cat is good.
When she weeps and it would become harder to calm her, I tell her let us see cat in laptop and I brows pictures of cat in google|images and she settle and just concentrate what kinds of cats are there....
I wonder how much would she car if we bring cat as pet at home.
May be some day ... a cat will be in our home.
I love the cats Smile
Are amazing Very Happy
I love my house pet. A nice rott.
Dog..!! It is the faithful animal in the world !! Razz
I like tigers. They're majestic, but powerful. Deadly, yet their viability in the wild is at risk. Sort of like a glass cannon.
I like Lion animal to much because his hair and and power both strong. Very Happy
My favorite animal are dogs.
cats and dogs.
kiiten, so cute maybe Laughing
my favorite animal is goat giraffe,peacock,parrot,rabbit,sparrows,fishes
I like most of furry wild animal... their fur are very beautiful unlike engineered animal which has too much fur and your pet would look like a cotton ball Smile
my favorite animal is the tiger....the reason is the collor. i like it a lot...
Their are a lot of animals which I like and all are favourite to me.
Almost all animal is my favorite but most is baby sheep
I think cats. Because they're very intelligent and clean
Bunny and Goat is my favourit
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