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Kick off your next web page with this online tool

Hi folks this online tool I made lets you play with 3 special fonts.

You can produce a really pretty web page from this tool and your personalised text can be placed on the web page anywhere you want it (By dragging and dropping circles)

It now creates web pages with all the code containing your design. All you have to do is click the get code button when your done and copy the page.

Come back here if your stuck..
Personally, I'm not sure I'd use this tool (given that I try to avoid all unnecessary images on my websites, including my logo, and that I do my graphics personally) -- but I do think you could improve the usability of your function by keeping the "gap before the words" relative to the circle radius. Thus, if you have your text on the top of the circle, it should remain at the top of the circle following a circle resize. Perhaps find the middle point of the pre-circle-resized text as a percentage of distance around the circle, and then make sure that the middle point of the post-circle-resized text is at the same percentage around the new circle. Perhaps reuse this function for some pre-defined points, too. I.e. have it so that it only takes one button-press to align the text to the middle?

That suggestion aside, however, nice coding ^^

You said
..remain at the top of the circle following a circle resize

Good point, I should offer that as "default"

You also said "I don't want images"

Go back there and make a webpage by copying the output from the "getcode" button.

Download the js files (I recommend the zip)

Run or view the files......

Theres no images-Thats the beauty of this software.... (SVG)
I know I'm going off-tangent here, but the MIME type for the '.svg' is image/svg+xml Wink

Regardless, I did actually believe it would either create a bitmap-type image (PNG or JPG) or, more questionably, a JS script that would generate something along the lines of one upon page load, but I'm actually quite pleasantly surprised you did use SVG -- quite a good design choice you made there, which I had overlooked ^^
Thanks H,

and to you (In case you did not know) or anyone else following this dialog. It is also Cross-Browser because it uses VML when you browse the pages created with this tool in Internet Explorer.
i stil prefer the good old ways... photoshop+frontpage/dreamweaver or notepad.

why bother with these crapy images. b orginal
aningbo wrote:
i stil prefer the good old ways... photoshop+frontpage/dreamweaver or notepad.

why bother with these crapy images. b orginal

If somebody wants an SVG image on their site, for their logo, what's the problem? If you're still using Frontpage and Dreamweaver, you're hardly in a position to be criticizing anything. I'm not saying that this is the best way to make a logo (Although for sites with logos where text is arranged in a circle, I'd definitely recommend using this to create a .svg, which is a wonderfully awesome filetype), but I really do think you criticism exhibits an extremely level of ignorance.

Also, this can also be used as a utility to provide a scaffolding to somebody's SVG creation. For example, if I ran a charity called "Save the planet" and my logo was a picture of earth surrounded by text, it would be brilliant for creating a vectorized scaffold where I have the circling text done already, which would otherwise be significantly more difficult.

.. assuming you even know what a vector is, given that you use a raster-based graphics application. Photoshop is for photos, not websites Rolling Eyes
Yes thanks for the comments.

I'm finishing work with Vector fonts for the while and I leave the tool for people (rather like those discarded Martian robots left by Nasa)

It's part of a (gradually growing) set of tools for producing web pages with Vector graphics.

I just got back from hols but I did do this test page using the tool before I went..
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