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how much caffeine do you consume daily? (on average)

how much caffeine do you consume daily? (on average or on a typical day)
< 25 mg
 18%  [ 10 ]
26 - 75 mg
 7%  [ 4 ]
76 - 101 mg
 5%  [ 3 ]
102 - 300 mg
 1%  [ 1 ]
301 mg
 1%  [ 1 ]
302 - 842 mg
 7%  [ 4 ]
> 843 mg
 9%  [ 5 ]
If I don't get at least 2 grams I suffer withdrawl
 9%  [ 5 ]
I don't consume any caffeinated products
 15%  [ 8 ]
I control the caffeine industry and I demand you increase your intake or else
 3%  [ 2 ]
I have a wildly addictive personality and caffeine is the least of my vices
 1%  [ 1 ]
 16%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 53

Are you an addict? Fess up. Use it recreationally? Would your world come unglued without it? Do you take it in nasty nasty coffee?

For reference a cup of nasty nasty coffee has appx 50 mg of caffeine. Jolt cola has appx 68 mg of caffeine. Over the counter caffeine tablets are usually 200 mg/pill

I don't like coffee...

one coffee and one tee everyday Confused
I don't consume any caffine in my usual day...

Don't drink coffee or tea or stuff... Don't generally take anything with caffeine (I think)
It's better if you just eat it raw. Otherwise the purple foxes might burrow my rusty spoon and then I would have to sleep.
i drink coffee from time to time but not much...
I used to drink a lot of coffee. It started when I was about 12 years old. I stoped when I was about 15. My secret: Drank even more Pepsi to stop my coffee. Now I am 17, good living too!
i love coffee
Let me think...That 2 Liter bottle of Doctor Pepper was full this morning and now its empty, I had a 16oz Rockstar Energy drink and I think that has a lot of caffeine in it, I had a soda when I ate dinner so I think I have had a lot of Caffeine
All I drink is pepsi.I drink about more than a 2 litter everyday...tho i did sort of stop cause of my surgery,i seem to be getting back into pepsi tho...
i only started drinkin coffe wen i began playin online games, and now im horribley addicted Shocked

*ahem*, on a more serious note: I don't really enjoy coffee. Plus, it very rare that I drink other cafinated drinks. Everyone knows that love of coffee is the root of all evil. Or at least cafine addicts. Who are evil.
Never enjoyed coffee and I've given up on coke as they don't sell the vanilla coke around here anymore.. d'oh!
You know, I think it's kind of representitive of these forums when more people choose 'orange' than any other sensible answer...
You should've had one for "waaaaaay too much" Razz

I don't drink coffee...but I drink a lot of diet Coke! Laughing
For me only water... Wink

I don't like coffee, it's too bitter! Confused
I am addicted, if I dont drink coffee I start to have a strange headache.
I consume plenty of coffe all day long, I love coffee. By chance I am drinking a huge cup of it now. Coffee rules!
S3nd K3ys
Gots to have my caffeen. Otherwise I'll be a bitch. Very Happy

I do between 2 and 4 cups of coffee a day, then about 1 to 7 Rum & Cokes a nite.
hm strange resoults. usualy peoples that work with computers a lot drink a lot of coffee but the resoults say different Smile i also do not drink coffe
S3nd K3ys
onyx wrote:
hm strange resoults. usualy peoples that with with computers a lot drink a lot of coffee but the resoults say different Smile i also do not drink coffe

I didn't vote because I don't know what the amount in miligrams is in a cup of coffee or a Rum & Coke. Very Happy
No coffee for me! even if I drink a coke I go crazy for 2 days. well not realy, but I do not feel good for at least two days afterwords, slight headache and stuff...
I think I'm addicted to coffee, too. Black coffee; no sugar, no milk. It really makes me feel fine and rest of the day feels good Smile
how on earth am i meant to know if i have had <25mg!!!??? its not like i weigh my coffee or anything!
I would say around 80mg, I guess thats around what 2-3 cups of coffee would have.
coffee, coffee WHERE IS MY COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!
843mg it’s the way to go and hoes counting the caffeine in COKE me not, only in coffee…
Hmm maybe another 843mg from coke too.


JAJAJA addicted NAAAAAAAA??? Laughing
now here's atopic that hasn't seen the light of day in awhile..(nice to see some of those nicks...."where are you!")

me...dedicated addict...and not stopping soon.
I dont aprecciate cofee.... yet Very Happy
how much is in about a liter of coke?
None actually.

I dont drink coffee.

I detest coke pepsi etc.

I do drink tea. So that may be the only source of caffeine(but very less)
I dont drink Tea, coffee......

So i think around 0.001% of caffeine
Clearly, we have a HUGE deficiency of caffine addicts here. At least there are a few of us with coffee-pumping-veins to make up for the rest.
I don't know the exact amount of caffine I consume in a day, but I know it is too much. I drink a 20oz bottle of Pepsi about every other day.
I drink coffee sometimes and like other things. I don't drink that much caffine daily. So i said greater then 843 Very Happy

Oh and wow a gonzo post that isn't like... gonzo... lol Laughing
The cafeine is a drug, i don't consume coffee...
Once upon time I drink much coffee, I need to be wide-awake for study, in the next morning my head was on the verge of exploding.... I will never drink cafeine or coffee...
BAh who needs caffine, have any of you tried to sleep a bit longer and not stay up till past midnight.... then waking up at a reasonable time taking a shower and feeling naturally high
Boles Roor
I drink at least 4 cups of coffee, and about 4-5 glasses of cola.
I avoid coffee starting last year. Somehow coffee trigger my migrain. But I still like coffee cake, cappucino cake. But I can drink tea, fortunately no migrain after that.
Short of energy drinks, I think Mountian Dew is about the most heavily caffiated soda widely available in the US. I think it even stacks up against Jolt (which I used to like before I cut back on my sugar intake) but i'm not sure. If you consider Bawls (refer to if you don't know what I'm talking about) to be soda, then it would be higher, but I don't like it's taste or the taste of sugery sodas. I don't know exactly how much I take but it ranges between a lot on an average day to lots and lots when it's hot out to metric craploads when I have a test and have not slept! *grins*
A little bit of what you fancy does you good. I have two strong coffee's a day on average, one first thing and one in tha afternoon usually. It won't kill me and I like the buzz. Caffeine tabs are strictly for final-year students and cops on stakeout.
About 600mg/day for me. Mostly Diet Coke, but I will force the occasional cupa joe. Talked with my Doc about it, he's not worried. Yep, I'm an addict. Smile
The ironic thing is that of all the drugs I did in the 70's the only thing I can't kick is Diet Coke. Laughing
It depends, sometimes I can go a week or two without any but others it'll be the only thing I drink. Buuut, lately I've only been drinking mainly Sierra Mist which is caffiene free, but sometimes I'll have some generic orange pop too.
I don't usually drink caffienated beverages unless i'm having a rough day at work or at a party. parties mean about 8 rockstars (the 16 oz size) over like 10 hours. then a rough day is nothing more than a soda (like a 20 oz or liter of pepsi) and a single rockstar (maybe)

no idea on the measurements of caffeine, but i know there's lots in rockstar.
i drink coffee about 300ml everyday.And i like it very much,but your question is about Nescafe,Cappucino etc...But there is a reely hard thing to drink.Turkish coffee,it doesn't have any milk,lemon,wink etc...Only coffee!So it may increase my coffein!
Turkish Coffee:
I've been trying to limit my caffeine intake, but not because I detest the stuff - but because I love the stuff. I'm just trying to avoid building up a resistance and having to drink pot of coffee to stay up an extra hour.

My only problem is I always seem to accidentally consume caffeine. Like the other day. It was afterschool, and I got a soda. Didn't think about it. Now I'm kinda worried that maybe caffeine is too ubiqitous.

On a related note, you'd think they would have cured sleeping by now. There's always so much more I could be doing with my nights than sleeping.
26 - 75 mg for me! I am hooked on coffee, love coke and all that caffeine-y stuff that rots your teeth. Last time I didn't have my morning coffee I was all over the place! I woudl have more but it makes me hyper and my mum's put a limit on how much I can have [prolly for the best though]. Wink
Hm...most of my caffeine is from either Root Beer or other caffeinated products, I don't drink coffee though.
i had a few of the new sprite drinks that are pump full of caffine, boy were they stinking. made me nearly vomit and i felt like a was expanding from the inside out after drinking one!!!!
i work 12-16 hour nights so i have pro+ alot and red bull to keep me awake

the amount i have i should be sponsered by them
MUST HAVE CAFFEINE!!!!! (body twitching, mouth foaming)

jk for me its probably sugar more than anything I have:

*1 glass orange juice
*3 glasses Aplle Kiwi Strawberry juice
*4 Lifesavers
*2 Jolly Ranchers
*3 packs of Sunkist fruit snacks (mmm...)

I've had coffee since I was 8 years old. And I still love it. Pity I'm too impatient to wait for the kettle to boil. We need an electric one. *sigh*. And then I practically never have softdrink (Or "Soda" as you Americans say. No, I do not know why it is called soft drink. It just is. Live with it.), so I don't have much caffeine.

Hehe. Last week we were out of milk so I poured that Milk+Coffee stuff (It's a tin of some type of milk and coffee mixed. It's very good. It's just add water stuff and doesn't need to be kept in a fridge.) on my breakfast cereal instead. I actually got all the way to the bottom of the bowl then I gave up trying to eat it.
An interesting topic. I don't know the exact measurement to be honest but I have at least 3 cups of tea per day and a few soft drinks usually (although I drink a lot of milk, I don't particually consider myself unhealthy as such). I accidently gave up drinking tea (and soft drinks, I didn't have any in my house at the time) for about a week and noticed myself being rather grumpy all the time and felt crap for no good reason and then I realised no tea was being consumed at all. So somehow I think it's worked it's way into my body and is an intergrated part of my mood... so I'm basically hooked. I love tea anyway (what did you expect, I'm english).
Nameless wrote:

*ahem*, on a more serious note: I don't really enjoy coffee. Plus, it very rare that I drink other cafinated drinks. Everyone knows that love of coffee is the root of all evil. Or at least cafine addicts. Who are evil.
Mwwwhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have discovered us! Now we must convert you to our kind!

But seriously, did anyone know that Cheddar cheese that is orange usually contains caffeine?
sorry, how can i know which drinks or food contain caffeine ? and the amount exactly ??

i don't like coffee, but i do like coke and tea.......... however, i just have them sometimes, not too often.

so, i think i do not take much each day.
weird question Smile
i don't count how many caffeine i consume everyday / daily. what i know is i have to stay away from addicted from caffeine since it's not good to your body.

at this time i consume tea about 3 teabag perday. it's really help me to get rid disease since it's contains the anti oxidan to help you stay fit.

try it bro! Wink

I drink more than a litre of coffee per day.

I enjoy coffee because I know how to make it.
(I don't drink instant coffee)
generaly i don't drink coffee Razz
only if i go out with friends and they all decide to have coffe i order one too Wink

there was a time when i drank at least one coffee a day
but that only lasted 1 month so nothing much Smile

i doubt i'll ever end up being a coffee adict Razz
Pyro Man
To be honest I'm not sad enough to know how many mg of caffiene i take in. But i have a coffee or two a day, however caffeine makes me sleepy, it has different effects on me
Now this is a hard Question. I drink atleast a cup in the morning and sometimes 1 at night to keep me awake. During the year I also drink energy drinks and a lot of soft drinks, Coke ect and during the summer I tend to opt for Van Houtes Ice Cappucino, Tim's Iced Cap, Well you get the point Iced Coffee.
Helios wrote:

I drink more than a litre of coffee per day.

I enjoy coffee because I know how to make it.
(I don't drink instant coffee)

OMG HELIOS GET HELP!!! You really are sounding like my teachers. All i ever see in there hands is a coffee. What a bad habbit to drink that much coffee a day. I drink a little bit but that is too much.
Btw, you've reminded me of a joke we had at school about our physics teacher:

Some girl drew a caricature of him connected by infusion to cigarettes and coffee Laughing

Anyway, I know how to make really good coffee and I enjoy it.
I also know how to make different types of drinks, like: capucino, different types of espresso, white coffee etc etc

Oh, instant coffee sucks. Don't drink it.
Better grind the beans on your own and make coffee from that.
I never did start drinking coffee. Mostly becasue I would observe people who became so dependent on it ( or believed they were dependant of it) that they could not function and go about their day until they had one. Never looked that apealing to me.

I used to drink pop or soda all the time. Then last xmas I stopped. If anything my energy is better because it is all natural now. and my teeth are even noticably whitter.
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