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When will you buy a Hybrid?

At what price per gallon would force you to buy a hybrid? Id say $4. But my Audi gets 30mpg, so im not hurting too bad.
When I no longer have a gas card? Hybrids are a good idea. I think it's Brazil that takes it one step further with a car that can run on either gas or grain alcohol. I'd really rather see us invest in a hydrogen infrastructure.

There is a solution to the saudi's crude oil price fixing terrorism...
I can't remember where this was but somewhere they have banned the use of petrol cars...
S3nd K3ys
I'm going to use up every last drop of oil until they come up with an alternative (affordable) that can perform like gas engines.
When my country has enough hybrid gas stations.
S3nd K3ys wrote:
I'm going to use up every last drop of oil until they come up with an alternative (affordable) that can perform like gas engines.

Vegitable oil, really cheap, more effective, keeps you car running better, and unlike petrol, it won't mess up your car.

S3nd K3ys
Jack_Hammer wrote:
S3nd K3ys wrote:
I'm going to use up every last drop of oil until they come up with an alternative (affordable) that can perform like gas engines.

Vegitable oil, really cheap, more effective, keeps you car running better, and unlike petrol, it won't mess up your car.


That's the reason I bought the diesel truck. Wink
Literal answer to topic question: Never.
I may sell my BMW (it gets 27 mpg) and get a diesel to run on bio-diesel fuel... They sell kits for making biodiesel online for relatively cheap, and making biodiesel costs about 15 cents a gallon (considering you get the oil free, from mc donalds or something)
Nameless: lol.. what are you 12?

give it maybe 30 years or something (definately this generation) and chances are you wont be running a petrol car.

at the current rate of oil consumption we're going to run out eventually.. so by then it will be "dont drive" or use something that doesnt require petrol.

companies are puting money into new engines as we speak as even they realise there is going to be a time when running cars on petrol isnt economically viable (ie its too expensive so they wont sell many petrol cars)

the only issue at the moment is

1) how we generate electricity as a lot of it is also from finite fuels .. so you need more renewable sources of energy (solar / wind power) (not nuclear as far to many issues with disposing of the stuff thats left over)

2) efficiency.. cause at the moment a lot of newer engines are running new fuels that are cheaper but not as efficient so you have to stop more often to fuel up...

when that happans then things you might not consider now.. will be definately a viable option.. and its going to happen soon (but gradually) because other wise the world will grind to a hault as we run out of oil.
In my neck of the woods, people can't seem to get enough hybrids (read as: long waiting lists for every manufacturer's hybrid). But on a national level, I think people will start buying them if two major conditions are met:

1. they are competitively priced (or incentivized) with existing cars. most hybrids are more expensive than their gas guzzling counterparts (who wants to pay up front???)
2. when manufacturer's quit making them look like they are from a bad Dr. who episode. most of them are so butt ugly. do they really need to make the tires as thick as bicycle tires? what would happen if you fit those tires on a normal car? better gas mileage? if true, then what would be the point of getting the hybrid???
might if gas keeps going up
In Australia the price where I live (country area) has hit $1.35 per litre. I worked this out last night o be roughly $4.95 per gallon.

So please don't cry about prices hitting $3.50 per gallon in the US.

Your not getting lsugged half as hard as we are down here. Hybrid vehicles aren't as prevalent or popular down here yet either. Quite surprising really considering the continually rising prices.

One other option that we do use quite a bit of is LPG powered vehicles, as the price for LPG is about 40c a litre.

Not a bad option really, although it's not the best for your engine...
People like to think that US has cheaper gasoline prices because of unfair delas we've struck with OPEC countries (either through war or economic leveraging). While that may be microscopically true, it is more likely due to bulk pricing. The US consumes, hence buys, more petroleum than any other country (if not many of them combined). As a result, we buy in bulk which allows us to secure lower prices. It's the same reason why Wal-mart can sell an item for so much cheaper than the SAME item from a small store; they can buy such large quantities that manufacturers cut them a deal.
Well, actually, I really dont know... What will cost more expensive,...
Buy the oil, or buy a new car?...

My car is nice for the moment a honda civic two doors 2005... a new one that I buyed¸

But buy a new car... its changing a litle bit the mod of life.. so i really dont know, but I will think about it. It's a good question, by the way...

But I think that you should said the good points of a hybrid car and the bad points... (Maybe the price? lol) Laughing

Anyway, good luck with your car Razz

I would get one if there are more gas station for it. And the price factor too, it is just too high now. Sad
criticaldensity wrote:
At what price per gallon would force you to buy a hybrid? Id say $4. But my Audi gets 30mpg, so im not hurting too bad.

Go very expensive oil now, when does it know reduction. Crying or Very sad Wink
Lets see when would I buy a hybird..Prob when thats all they offer ( I do like to sup up my cars) but naw I prob would have to wait till
1. My current car was paid off
2. The price I would save on gas would pay the bill
3. Someone gave me one
Or lastly either they become the law to own or gas gets so low that its that or ride a bike. LOL and I am lazy so no bike riding for me!
Deji wrote:
Nameless: lol.. what are you 12?

15, actually. And yes, I realise I am an immature idiot, so you don't have to bother pointing that out. j/k (well, not about the 15 part anyway.)
I'm not interested in hybrid technology. I only like gasoline motors!
I'll never buy one: I'll build one, my plans are almost complete and soon I'll begin the construction phase.

A sneak peek:
it uses these cool technologies:
Dual Multi-layer quasiturbine engines,
electric engine,
pnumatic engine,
6-wheel indepentdant steering,
6-wheel drive (each wheel with its own clutch),
6-wheel independant active suspension,
active weight re-distribution,

(if you don't know what these are visit <>)

It will be one of the finest off-road performace vehicles available. It will also be multifuel (using anything from veggie oil to jet fuel)
I am looking at new cars, but I decided to wait a bit for the Hybrids. Let the technology get better. I was thinking of a car that is very good on gas in the meantime... I was even considering a Vespa, LOL. It is just, I looked at Honda's and other bikes and I wanted those too... then I went back to cars.

Will definately be foreign though, can't stand North American Crap.
i will wait Hybrid car are cheap
and wait i have enough to buy...
Razz Razz Razz
i think its usefull to buy hybrid cars.. well if you buy one you support the technologie and its environmataly freindly..

and... well my first thought was... hybrid cars are not ready to sell.. but thats the first view.. there are are many things done already, the only thing that isn't done is: using less fuel then its actually doing Wink

if i have my diing licence and the money... i would buy a hybrif car (maybe we somthing better then... Smile
whenever I buy my next car chances are very high (99.9%) it will be a hybrid or whatever other alternative option there is at the time. For me, the price of gas has less to do with it than the price of mucking up the environment.
Having finetuned my diesel RangeRover so it not only goes further on the drop but also is faster and since I run it on Vegetable Oil, I have absolutely no reason to change at the moment and expect to keep it for the rest of my life.

The day a Fuel Cell alternative (which I see as the first factual possibility) comes along, I might buy one.

The priced of gas DOES hurt (my wife drives a Renault Avantime with a 3L 6 cylinder 24 valve engine) and the price at the pump is ABUSIVE!
I just came across this and wanted to share it.

An Israeli company has developed a system that allows a car to produce its own Hydrogen, which could be used for powering a fuel cell. The system — by way of a device called the Metal-Steam combustor — separates Hydrogen out of heated water using metals like Magnesium and Aluminum. In short:

The basic idea behind the technology is relatively simple: the tip of the metal coil is inserted into the Metal-Steam combustor together with water where it will be heated to very high temperatures. The metal atoms will bond to the Oxygen from the water, creating metal oxide. As a result, the Hydrogen molecules are free, and will be sent into the engine alongside the steam. The solid waste product of the process, in the form of metal oxide, will later be collected in the fuel station and recycled for further use by the metal industry.
The hydrogen fuel cell will be the revolutionary fuel technology.

When it becomes available. Which is being delayed as long as possible by the oil companies as it would almost certainly ruin them.

My next car will probably be an hybrid... Maybe in 5 years.
Hybrids are pretty soon going to be history when the oil finally starts going anyway, Hydrogen cell technology is probably the way forward but sadly I don't think the investment will happen until the oil company's realize their time is nearly up and they start to diversify.
I hope the changes happen soon though because at the moment here in the UK I'm paying nearly £5.00 GBP for a gallon of petrol at my local filling station, and yes, I do wish I had a hybrid or LPG vehicle now!
As soon as I'll get the money for it.
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