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Obama's first 6 months, a list of accomplishments

A list of Obama's and the country's accomplishment I found floating around, so I added a couple to it. On edit, I added a couple more.

# Signed executive orders to close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, within a year, ban torture and end the CIA’s secret overseas prisons and define treatment of Detainees.
# Reversed restrictions on stem cell research.
# Reversed USA's negative global image in one fell swoop
# Signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Reducing discrimination based on gender, age, religion, or race.
# Signed an executive order reversing the ban that prohibits funding to international family planning groups that provide abortions. Gag rule revoked (Mexico City policy).
# Led the fight to terminate costly and obsolete F-22 fighter jets
# Created the White House Council on Women and Girls "to provide a coordinated federal response to the challenges confronted by women and girls and to ensure that all Cabinet and Cabinet-level agencies consider how their policies and programs impact women and families."
# Signed a Presidental Memorandum extending federal benefits to same-sex partners of federal workers and announced support for the Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act of 2009.
# Reversed U.S. position on LGBT Issues at the UN: At the "Durban Review Conference," U.S. supports language condemning “all forms of discrimination and all other human rights violations based on sexual orientation.”
# Signed executive order requiring federal contractors to offer jobs to current workers when contracts change.
# Reversed a Bush order requiring federal contractors to post notice that workers can limit financial support of unions serving as their exclusive bargaining representatives.
# Signed executive order preventing federal contractors from being reimbursed for expenses meant to influence workers deciding whether to form a union and engage in collective bargaining.
# Created a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners.
# Expanded eligibility for the refinancing portion of the Making Home Affordable plan to help Americans struggling with distressed mortgages refinance at lower interest rates, even if they owe up to 25 percent more than their homes are now worth.
# Established a credit card "bill of rights".
# Expanded loan programs for small businesses.
# Extended and index the 2007 Alternative Minimum Tax patch.
# Signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
# Signed the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Reauthorization Act of 2009 expanding health coverage for 250,000 children.
# Rescinded a Bush administration directive that effectively made it impossible for states to raise their eligibility limits under the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) above 250 percent of the poverty level.
# Named Wilma Liebman as the next chairwoman of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). As an NLRB member over the past eight years, Liebman challenged the Bush administration’s war on workers.
# Nominated Mark Pearce, a member of the New York State United Teachers union, and Craig Becker, current associate general counsel for the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union, to the to the National Labor Relations Board.
# Expanded funding to train primary care providers and public health practitioners.
# Created a new White House task force on the problems of middle-class Americans, and installed Vice President Joe Biden as its chairman.
# Appoints Vice President Joe Biden to Oversee Stimulus Plan Payouts.
# Granted a reprieve to Liberian immigrants facing imminent expulsion.
# Directed military leaders to end war in Iraq.
# Allowing Caskets to be photographed when the return from Iraq with family approval.
# Released nine previously secret internal Justice Department memos and opinions defining the legal limits of government power in combating terrorism.
# On Arab TV Network, Obama Urges Dialogue.
# Gave a speech in Cairo engaging the Muslim and Arab world.
# Bars independent contractors from conducting interrogations of terror suspects.
# Granted Americans unrestricted rights to visit family and send money to Cuba.
# Ordered the release of nearly a quarter of a million pages of records from the Reagan White House that were kept from the public during a lengthy review by President George W. Bush.
# Restored funding for the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne/JAG) program.
# Released presidential records.
# Required new hires to sign a form affirming their hiring was not due to political affiliation or contributions.
# Pushed for and signed the Matthew Shepard Act, which expands hate crime law to include sexual orientation and other factors.
# Invites gay families to the Easter Egg Roll as part of the Obama administration's outreach to diverse communities.
# Created a White House Office on Urban Policy.
# Increased funding for the NEA.
# Appointed an assistant to the president for science and technology policy.
# Funded a major expansion of AmeriCorps.
# Banned lobbyist gifts to executive employees.
# Investment in all types of alternative energy.
# Enacted tax credit for consumers for plug-in hybrid cars.
# Support for high-speed rail.
# Provided grants to encourage energy-efficient building codes.
# Extended unemployment insurance benefits and temporarily suspend taxes on these benefits.
# Created the White House Council on Automotive Communities and Workers to help auto industry workers transition to new manufacturing opportunities, including jobs in alternative energy.
# Stopped raids on medical marijuana dispensers.
# Nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court of the United States. If confirmed, Sotomayor would be the first Hispanic to ever serve on the Supreme Court.
# Appointed more than 60 openly LGBT persons to positions in the executive branch.
# Issues Presidential Proclamation for Pride, proclaiming June 2009 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.
# Signed a mercury reduction pact with 140 other nations.
# Signed the Weapons System Acquisition Reform Act to curb wasteful spending by the Pentagon. Intended to price contracts and budgets lower; may potentially save billions of dollars in defense.
# Signed the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009, which serves to protect two million acres of land and creates a new system of land conservation for the Bureau of Land Management.
# Phase out government payments to crop producers making more than $500,000 a year and eliminates subsidies for cotton storage to help trim the U.S. budget deficit.
#Increased funding to Children’s Health Insurance Program which caused states to cover more children.
# Cut funding for a proposed U.S. nuclear storage facility at Yucca Mountain.
# Restored Endangered Species Act Provision requiring U.S. agencies consult with independent federal experts to determine if their actions might harm threatened and endangered species.
# Orders The Chesapeake Bay Protection and Restoration "to protect and restore the health, heritage, natural resources, and social and economic value of the Nation's largest estuarine ecosystem and the natural sustainability of its watershed."
# Signed the 2009 Omnibus Public Land Management Act designating two million additional acres of public wilderness areas the highest level of government protection from logging and other forms of commercial use and development.
# Signed the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act which will expedite the search for cures and treatments for millions of Americans living with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury, stroke, MS, Parkinson's and many other diseases and disorders.
# Established The Joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record, a new system for updating medical records of servicemen and women both during and after their military careers.
# Established the White House Office of Health Reform
# Created new and stronger safety standards to safeguard the country's food supply.

p.s. He also got his kids a puppy.
p.p.s. Bush spent over 40% of his first six months on vacation.
What exactly are you trying to say here? That Obama is a better leader than Bush? It would be nice if people would at least attempt to define their point in posting new topics.

Anyways, I love how some Americans on here post things about Obama and just assume everyone else on here knows and cares about it. Not realizing that speaking about Obama to and Englishman is the equivalent to an Englishman telling us (Americans) about the achievements of Gordon Brown. No offense to anyone, but we frankly aren't that worried about him.

As for Obama and Bush, they both suck. Each in their own way they were and are horrible leaders for America, at least in my eyes.
handfleisch wrote:

# Led the fight to terminate costly and obsolete F-22 fighter jets

Actually, the secretary of defense is the 'leader' of that fight.
You can't even say that Obama chose this secretary for that purpose; he's the only one in the cabinet that he didn't choose.
ocalhoun wrote:
handfleisch wrote:

# Led the fight to terminate costly and obsolete F-22 fighter jets

Actually, the secretary of defense is the 'leader' of that fight.
You can't even say that Obama chose this secretary for that purpose; he's the only one in the cabinet that he didn't choose.

It looks like McCain has been "leading the fight" since before 2006. It seems no one wanted this plane. He did thank Obama for his help in getting the spending removed, though.


The F-22 Money Pit
Jack Shanahan
July 27, 2006

Vice Admiral Jack Shanahan (USN, ret.) is the former commander of the U.S. Second Fleet and heads the military advisory committee of the Priorities Campaign.

Last month, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., led a battle in the Senate to stop multi-year production of the F-22 fighter jet. This $72 billion program, launched in the late 1980s, had been plagued with major cost overruns and technical setbacks. But like other Cold War weapons still being built by the Pentagon, and with some crafty political engineering, the F-22 escaped this modest proposal by a vote of 70 to 28.

Ironically, just prior to the Senate vote on McCain’s proposal, the Government Accountability Office, the nonpartisan research arm of Congress, startled Washington insiders by recommending that funding for the jet be put on hold until alternatives are considered. It's long past time for Congress and the president to act on the GAO's advice—as the purpose of the expensive weapons system collapsed with the Soviets.

The F-22 was approved initially to give the Air Force a next-generation stealthy aircraft to evade ever improving enemy air defenses. But a funny thing happened: Our enemies’ air defenses stopped improving.

So, today, even a casual examination of recent air combat involving the United States (the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq) proves that the existing fleet of about 700 F-15s and upwards of 1500 F-16s remain, undeniably, unbeatable, and will remain so well into the future. At $360 million per plane (versus about $25 million for the F-16), the F-22 would be by far the most expensive fighter plane ever built.

It’s a perfect example of the staying power of Cold War weapons that are irrelevant to America's current security requirements, including our ability to fight terrorism.

Other weapons, which like the F-22 should no longer be developed, include National Missile Defense, which continues to fail tests, the Virginia Class submarine—designed to counter a Soviet sub that was never built—and three new aircraft carriers for $33 billion.

Over $60 billion could be saved by cutting these and other weapons backed by defense contractor lobbyists, according to defense analysts like Ronald Reagan’s assistant secretary of defense, Lawrence Korb.

What, you say, how could this be? We’re fighting a war in Iraq. How can we afford to cut the defense budget now? It turns out that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are funded by supplemental appropriations, not the Pentagon’s yearly defense budget. The money for Cold War weapons systems is embedded in the regular defense budget.

Political leaders in Washington are so scared of being labeled “weak on defense” that they rarely object at all to defense expenditures, even ones like the F-22 that are widely regarded as wasteful. In fact, it’s an open secret in Washington that tens of billions of dollars are going down the drain at the Pentagon.

At the same time, it’s also an open secret that millions of American kids lack health insurance, public schools around the country are falling down, and our nation continues to rely on petroleum—a national vulnerability that could set us up for a serious economic collapse.

And how much is the federal government spending on renewable energy research? About as much as we’re spending on the F-22 fighter jet. And less than a third as much as we spend on national missile defense. Especially with our nation’s record deficits and other budget woes, it’s obvious that America has much more pressing budget priorities than the expensive and unnecessary F-22. But despite the occasional move toward shaking the F-22, Congress continues to back it and will continue.

That is, unless Americans demand that our military leaders focus on our nation’s real defense needs, not the wishes of special interests, as they decide whether to build new and expensive weapons.

Source =
That article points out one side of it, but leaves out the important point that solely preparing for anti-terrorism/insurgent operations will eventually leave the country vulnerable to cold-war-like threats in the future.

Just because we don't have a near-equal enemy now, doesn't mean we never will. While the F-22 is excessive, we can't ignore the large-scale, high-tech conflicts possible in the future, because there won't be time to develop the weapons when they are finally needed.

As for it's assertion that a missile defense shield should not be developed, that's completely wrong. With countries like N. Korea and Iran around, there's a good possibility that a missile defense shield could end up being the best military investment the USA has ever made. (And having the shield in place would allow us to reduce our deterrence arsenal in order to improve relations with old, cold-war foes, while still being protected from new threats.)
Created a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners.

Hasn't prevented anything from what I've seen, still see good people around here who lost their jobs being foreclosed on almost every day.

Nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court of the United States. If confirmed, Sotomayor would be the first Hispanic to ever serve on the Supreme Court.

"I would hope a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life.''

I love how they keep trying to downplay that comment she made. Keep trying to twist it into something that sounds better. The way it sounds to me and still does...because your "Latino" and a women your so much better then any of us white men in this country because we didn't live YOUR life. Your "experiences" apparently mean you know it all. Sorry, but that doesn't work for me...Racism goes both ways you know. I've had a hard life too, and many experiences, that doesn't make me any better then the next person. Evil or Very Mad

Appoints Vice President Joe Biden to Oversee Stimulus Plan Payouts.

And with that it all went to big banks and corporations who completely blew every bit of it and did nothing to even begin fixing the things wrong in this country. Banks still aren't loaning money...thought that was the whole point of bailing them out...Giving it to us...the people who actually run this country...would have done far more....Accomplishment...try FAILURE Rolling Eyes

Signed the Weapons System Acquisition Reform Act to curb wasteful spending by the Pentagon. Intended to price contracts and budgets lower; may potentially save billions of dollars in defense.

Like that will ever stop them from paying an oil company $4 with $2,000,000 shipping for a couple of nuts and bolts. Should have an act that prevents the government from wasteful spending...but its to late for that Confused

Enacted tax credit for consumers for plug-in hybrid cars.

Like giving a tiny tax break off that $20,000 car means that everyone can go out and buy one now...yeah...right Rolling Eyes


There's many more things that some deem as "Accomplishments" that are anything but. Its not just Obama that's the problem, though he is the one who has the final say, its the worthless government as a whole. Concentrating on everything but the important things. Not listening to the people of this country. Passing more laws that take away rights and could potentially put more people out of work.

The "Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act"...66% of people opposed it...but it was signed into law anyways. And its not the first law to be signed that the majority of citizens opposed. This government does whatever they please, doesn't care about the general population of this country, to busy completing their own little agendas and could care less what the people of this country want and need. This government is made up of nothing but liars and cheaters that will stop at nothing to get what they want, and will screw over anyone that tries to get in their way. Greedy politicians is all they are. Until the people of this country grow a pair, rise up, and say enough is enough, nothing will change Evil or Very Mad

Obama made a lot of promises to get elected...I've yet to see ANY of them fulfilled Rolling Eyes Just another worthless politician to me Evil or Very Mad
Triple_7 wrote:

Obama made a lot of promises to get elected...I've yet to see ANY of them fulfilled

Are you joking? Much of this list is fulfillment of his promises; a long list of promises fulfilled could be and has been made. Maybe you don't see any because you haven't looked.
jmi256 wrote:
It looks like McCain has been "leading the fight" since before 2006. It seems no one wanted this plane. He did thank Obama for his help in getting the spending removed, though.

Yes, kudos to McCain too. He looked like his old, pre-campaign, pre-Palin self on this one.

But you have been MIA Jmi. and since you've been gone, your statement "There is no reliable evidence that most Americans want a government-controlled system" has been atomized into oblivion on the healthcare thread.
Veteran wrote:

Rolling Eyes

Who is 'we'?
What did you do?
Most importantly, how do I get it un-done?
Re the point in the list about the USA's reputation in the world, here are excerpts from a nice piece on the Obama effect in Europe.

When I introduce myself in Paris these days, I tack on an appendage to the more standard “I’m American”: “I’m from Chicago,” I say. “Like Obama!” is the invariable response.

“Yes!” I declare, as if I deliberately chose my native city to coincide with the hometown of the 44th president. Instant celebrity.

Actually, I’ve lived in Europe at four distinct moments since the Sept. 11 attacks and I have experienced, first-hand, through the small interactions of daily life, America’s changing status in the world.

Since 9/11, I have watched attitudes toward America evolve from sympathy and curiosity a month after the attacks, to indifference and disbelief in March 2003, to outright disgust by June 2007, to overwhelming enthusiasm and delight this summer.

America is a rock star again.

When I traveled to Normandy earlier in June (yes, like Obama!), the French people I talked to were straightforward in their gratitude. “You saved us, thanks.”

I couldn’t help thinking that two years earlier, it would have been: “Just because you helped out 65 years ago, it does not mean you can do whatever you want.”
People's opinions along these casual lines are usually quite fickle. I wonder which French people he talked to and how long ago. It is not clear which other countries were approached in Europe. Europe is quite a large place with large variations in opinions, some countries like Germany have many more parties than for example the two in the United States. Also, in other threads you mentioned that most of Europe is going conservative. Part of their agenda is apparently to get rid of foreign workers in their countries. Maybe the guy in the article did not talk to them?

I do believe that sentiment about Obama was very good to start off with, just after his election and when he and Michelle were doing their rounds. I doubt however that it is of a lasting variety as Obama is supporting the US presence in the Middle East for example, and continuing the policies of Bush with regard to the military. Nothing has changed on the international front. The Gitmo detainees are still being detained. Etc etc ....
Surprised i gave up the dream of being the president.
I can't do that much work.
I haven't that much work in my whole life.

but I do respect him for his charismatic personality and great leadership.
He is the best.

I wish I was like him.
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