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computer freezing up again

me again with more problems! For the past weeks i have been putting up with this problem but its a lot worse these days. when i boot up the computer, it randomly freezes. Sometimes a blue screens with a messages. other times it just reboots by itself. not sure why... Most of the time, after turning on the screen it does nothing, the fans start making lots of noise but it will never boot (trust me i've waited a while for it to do anything), to switch it off again i need to hold the button in for a few seconds like normal to power down, then i switch it on again and the same thing happens about 5 - 15 times, depending how it feels.

If i finaly see the boot up screen (press del to enter bios etc.) i don't get my hopes up, it randomly hangs on one of them screens. Sometimes when booting it also loads a screen saying to power down, then i switch it on again and the same thing happens. When i finaly see the login window,sometimes it hangs other times it just reboots. Some times i got to my desktop and then after that it runs fine for as long as i dont turn not the best way to handle ths prob

any ideas on what this could be it should be fixable i think so let me know i dont have a big budget so hopefully a do it yourself kinda thing thanks in advance
I would

1. Try it with a linux live CD and see if you see similar issues. If so, it is a hardware issue.

2. Try doing a windows repair and see if that fixes it. If not, at least you know it is software related because of the live CD.
First as previously mentioned, you have to check whether it's a hardware or software problem. Remember if you changed any settings or installed new programs or components. Did you say your computer hangs when you go into the BIOS? Then most likely it's a hardware issue.

Try and reset your BIOS settings (depending on your computer manufacturer).
Have you been overclocking?

If this is the case, try setting everything to the default and see if that fixes the problem.

Remember that you need to prove an overclock to be stable before using it 24/7. This can be accomplished with MemTest and IntelBurnTest (along with RealTemp to make sure the tempuratures are not too high for the given CPU).
the zephyrus
It might be heat related, which is probably the most dangerous possibility, since it can harm your hardware and data. Check your fans, make sure they all run. Check for dust inside the case. If you have temperature monitors on your motherboard/cpu as most newer computers do, try to get a tool that reads them for you, and see if they're going particularly overboard. One such tool is:
The first thing to do once you are in is to backup your data!

Then worry that you are seeming to have hardware problems.

The next thing to do is to write down the blue screen and post it. with that we can offer better insight.

ok well thanks everyone for all the responses lots of great ideas, so let me try and answer all of the questions people asked. i can boot up wiht ubuntu thats not a problem i cna go on the net but i dont know how to do anything in ubuntu so i cant say i feel confortable with switching over to ubuntu from windows. apart from the net i dont know if there are other things that are working cause i dont know how to do the same things i do on windows but it boots up no problem.

i havent changed any settings recently like i said its been more of a long term problem that keeps getting worse. i have changed several things in windows based on recomendations from friends but they should not be any major changes. the computer doesnt hang when we get into the bios and i can get into that no problem.

hope that answered all the questions any ideas on what this could be since it should be fixable. so let me know. thanks in advance
the zephyrus
You can run firefox from the ubuntu live cd. It would tell us a lot whether you can stably browse the internet using that live cd for say an hour. We're not asking you to switch to it as an OS so much as use it as a diagnostic tool for now.

I mean I'm just guessing still, but it does sound like hardware if you're getting random reboots overall and issues before the OS is even coming up.

There are products such as that create an equivalent "live cd" for windows, if that would be more familiar to you. The idea is we're also trying to see if the issue is with your current install of windows. (Disclaimer: I haven't tried BartPE in years.)
This would also be an option. winPE is built on Vista.
Hi everyone again, I was reading through all the posts and I realized that I didn't answer all of the questions that people posted. For the windows repair, I did try to do a windows repair a while back and I think this helped for a while but then it just went back to being the same level of weirdness of freezing/rebooting.

For the BIOS setting, I have tried to reset those already and it didn't really change much. I also tried to redo the update of my bios software in case that could have been the problem but that also didn't have much of an effect so I guess this was not the problem then.

For the issue of over clocking, I used to over clock this computer before but it has been a long time I have stopped doing that so right now and for some time now those settings are at the default. It was running stablely before but I decided to put things back cause the room was heating up too much in the summer.

It was running stablely before but I decided to put things back cause the room was heating up too much in the summer.

I would recommend you double and triple check your clock settings. They can be tricky.

If it worked before turning off the over clocking and not after that may be the problem. You could even for a short period put it back to the overclocking settings to test this theory.

I'll give that a try and let you guys know what happened with the results....
hmm at this stage i would recommen that you do a re-install of windows

hmm at this stage i would recommen that you do a re-install of windows

This is not a software issue. Because if it was inphurno would not have trouble restarting the computer and waiting would not help.

Do not reinstall your windows unless you are bored and have nothing better to do. But not to try and resolve your issue.

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