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Bruno - The movie - Homophobic?

I ve been recently choc by the new movie, reality show, Bruno!

I am living in Germany at the moment, and this month it is THE movie you can see everywhere in every cinema. I was curious and went in internet to see the preview ... I thought whow cool a new "cliché" comedy ... nothing really important it is still label comedie.

But seeing the movie and knew more about the context and how it was realised and how it is sold to the audience I found that terrible.

As homosexual I can identify these cliche but people who are not or who lack education, they are just receiving these informations for the reality. Reality which actually is staged as a hollyhoodian movie sometimes ....

Please take care in front of this movie, that we are not fighting to education the people again these cliche for nothing. Because homosexual can not live in this cliche, they should have a better place and recognition in society.
The problem is that people believe these clichés, even when they haven't watched the movie. And the real purpose of Sacha Cohen is laughing with the people who take those absurd clichés for granted.

And I didn't like the movie, it's just a bit too much of it Razz
It is true, if people are educated ... you can broadcast as much shit that you want they have kind of shield and don t take that for reality. as we call in french "avoir de l esprit critique".

Anyway, I am really sad to see that obviously it is was people likes, it is what people wants to pay for ... paying to see how this guy is dealing in his movie with notion of body, sexuality, human interactions ... just let me vomit !!!
How is it homophobic? He's just trying to show the world how it takes itself too seriously. That's what all his characters do; point out flaws in society.
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