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How To Install Apps and Games for the Samsung Memoir phone

I just bought the samsung memoir and I follow the step below the install applications and games for my new phone and it works great. Here how to to do it.

-GoogleMaps (cell tower triangulating map software if you know your general area)
-MGmaps (GPS software that works GREAT)
-OperaMini (cuz the default memoir browser BLOWS, also faster)

**FIRST -- download the following file ****

It includes the TKfileExplorer v2.2 needed to view the internals of your memoir phone. be careful to only use it to modify the files or add the files mentioned. don't go experimenting unless you're a brave one or rich enough to buy another memoir phone.
also includes the USB Modem driver that allows your computer and TKFileExplorer to "talk" to each other. don't worry the technicals.
also includes Opera Mini (including the modded JAD file that allows fullscreen and touchscreen)*, MGmaps, and GoogleMaps.

*JAR and JAD files are two required java files for each application. JAD tells the memoir how to install the java application.

NOW to begin...

1. download the file and unzip. place in a easy to remember folder (ex: Samsungmemoir)

2. unzip SAMSUNG_Composite_USB_Driver_4_34_WHQL and install the driver.

3. now startup TKFileExplorer by double-clicking on the executable.

4. on your memoir phone: go into SETTINGS, PHONE SETTINGS, USB SETTINGS, and click on SAMSUNG PC STUDIO. save.

5. plug your memoir into your computer/laptop via the USB cable provided by phone. your phone should still stay visible with a new icon similar to a desktop computer on the very top.

6. in TKFileExplorer click on Settings icon highlighted in red below...

7. this will bring up the port selection as shown. pick a com..usually 5 or 6. depending on what USB port you have it plugged into.

8. now click the Connect button next to it. tada...there is your memoir's internals in all it's glory.

9. now double click on the following folders in THIS order...EXE, JAVA, GAMES.

10. right click in the bottom window pane (the blank white area) and click on New : Folder
and create 3 new folders under the GAMES folder... (each folder for it's own application)

11. on the bottom pane (your memoir folders) double click the GoogleMaps folder

12. on the top window pane (ie YOUR computer folders) double click on the GoogleMaps folder which should have the files : gmaps-231-m2_L1.jad, gmaps-231-m2_L1.jar

13. highlight both files and right click, choose download. this will download both files to your memoir in the folder that you have chosen in the bottom pane.

14. repeat with the other applications....

gmaps-231-m2_L1.jar, gmaps-231-m2_L1.jad go in the <b>GoogleMaps</b> folder
mgmaps-1_41_03.jar, mgmaps-1_41_03.jad go in the <b>MGMaps</b> folder
operette-hifi_getjar-en.jar, operette-hifi_getjar-en.jad go in the <b>OperaMini</b> folder

15. now open up the dial pad on your memoir. punch in *#6984125*#.

16. Choose INTERNALS. touch the khaki colored area to punch in the Master Key: *#9072641*#. click Done and Confirm.

17. Choose Storage Settings. and than choose Update Java DB. after it updates. scroll down to and choose Update app database. after it updates that also. click the Hangup button.

18. done. now you've successfully hacked and added three most wanted apps for your memoir.

* Play around with the Opera Mini settings to allow it to go into landscape mode.
** give MGmaps a few minutes OUTSIDE your house/apt. to find a GPS Satellite and locate your location. the apps works. just be patient and give it a few minutes to locate you.
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