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!Animations! 10 Frih$

I will create an animation on any image you give me using Jasc Animation Shop...
I can put your name on it (see
I can make it sparkle, I can do a lot of things, I just need a picture, and what you want it to do.
It'll cost 10 Frih$.
I can't do everything with this program, but you won't know what I can and can't do unless you ask Smile.
You can post a request on here or send me a pm.
I once saw an animation (in gif, I guess) that looked like a still 3D image. It was made with a similar technique used in those 3D pictures that could only be seen by putting the eyes out of focus. Do you know what I mean? The image really seems to be 3D!

Do you know how to do it?
hmm, I can't really imagine it in my mind, I think I have an idea about what you're talking about, and it might be do-able, but I'm not sure... I think I'd need either a better description or to see an animation that did that... sorry, if you can do that I might be able to either do it, or tell you that I can't for sure. Smile again, sorry for the inconvenience.

can you do something with that?
umm, got anything in mind? Like... I can make it glitter, I can make it look like stained glass, I can't do anything with colours since there aren't any... I can pixelate it, I can make it rotate... I can make it do a few other things too, but they don't look quite as cool... especially if this is a logo and you need to see the writing on it, which I'm going to assume you do.
try to make it glitter.. lets see what happens.. actually I'm an animator myself, but I'd like to see what others can do to help me out!
hmm, how do these look? they're not my best work, especially since colour looks way better when I glitter things Razz but they don't look too bad...

Tell me what you think.
hey, sorry for the late reply, actually my internet was not working.. anyway, the second one looks nice, but cant the sparkling be a little slow??
ok, wait, are you saying that the sparkling is too slow or that it should be slower? and no worries about the late reply, I was out camping all week anyways Razz
I want the sparklin to be slower... and continuous. By continuous i mean, that it shouldnt look like its sort of breaking in between, or there is a gap in the looping.
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