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Settings Confusion

I am bit confused after reading Daniel15's post"Common Questions About Our Hosting ".
Iam a new user on server 4 and use Direct Admin.I own a domain""Bought from Name the post I read that the settings will be : ( (

But the settings that I received from Bondings were:

#Nameserver 1:
#Nameserver 2:
I used these as my nameserver 1&2.with the same ip IP: ( both.The problem I am facing now is that my site is not opening from all places. PINGDOM test tells that URL does not Exists.Though Google indexed my site it cannot read all content.Bing also says URL does not exist.Alexa is reading my stats and my rank is getting upgraded daily,which is an indication that i did some thing wrong in the settings.
please help,am finding myself helpless,as am new to these things, i have no idea.
I will be really thankful for your help.
Did you try the suggestion I gave before ?

Anyhow, I've now corrected the domain setup in your account.

I've also fixed the missing .htaccess directives in your wordpress installation (which might have been the reason some of your pages were inaccessible).
am really thankful to you for your help.I tried to find things but i did not understand ,so i left.
I did not check whether it is working or not but really thanks,at least someone helped after many days.
mOrpheuS wrote:
Anyhow, I've now corrected the domain setup in your account.

Despite that, I continue to see errors in your nameserver setup.
And I think now I know why - & do not resolve from many places.
This might be a server wide issue and Bondings will have to look into this.

Meanwhile, I'll suggest you to use a free DNS provider like to manage your DNS.
Once you've created a new account at, and added your domain to your account, set it up like so -

Then at your domain registrar, change your nameservers from to
Thanks again for your advice and help.My site now successfully passes pingdom test and the sitemap is successfully submitted to every search engine,even bing that told earlier "url does not exist"has added my site.
Can you tell me what exactly you changed in my settings? and what is needed to be done with the hta.access?
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