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Computer games can help boost mental strength, flexibility

Some researchers have encouraged older adults to engage in physical movement, thereby building coordination and agility, while playing virtual tennis, bowling, or darts on a Nintendo Wii.

Case Western Reserve University psychologist T.J. McCallum and founder of The Brain Emporium has also designed a regimen of computer games and programs for older adults; needs and wants.

These computerized programs engage and stimulate different areas of cognition, including memory, visual-spatial abilities, flexibility, processing speed, language and planning and boosts mental health.

However, McCallum claims that The Brain Emporium programs aren't yet proven to slow diseases such as Alzheimer's, but do engage elders and sharpen their minds.

If you don't use your body, it atrophies and the same is true for the brain, he said.

One Mickey Lewin, 71 insists that the computerized programs have been helpful.

People can tell me numbers and I don't have to have them repeat them. I don't reverse numbers like I used to. I remember more things now, she said. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Agreed. Anything that taxes the mind has to be good for it. It would also be great fun. However, of course can be addictive too, so if addicted, could it then work in reverse? For example no sleep, no exercise, just sitting in front of the computer games, as lack of sleep and exercise could be worse for those who are bordering on Alzheimers.
Haha well I don't know about computer games making people more fit for life...

What about all those people who can't keep a relationship or school because they are too addicted to WOW?

Sure, it get's your reflexes sharpened. But what else will it do to you?

I remember many a time when I was too wasted from staying up late at night playing games to really function in normal society. That aint healthy...

Strangely enough, I've found that meditating (which is essentially doing nothing) is one of the most invigorating and health-promoting things I've ever experienced... how's that for a paradox?
i certainly believe that the Nintendo Wii is a great step forward towards making video games more user friendly in that it can actually better the health of the player. The games are much more interactive which forces you to move around the room and use a certain amount of cognitive ingenuity unlike those sit-on-the-couch-with-controller-in-hand games where you spend hours on end clicking away. Theres even Wii Fitness that helps you get into shape and with obesity always an issue, it's hard to believe this could ever hurt.
Computer games can help boost mental strength, well that's a no brainer.

However, people should not fool themselves that they are getting enough exercise by playing Wii Fit or any other Wii games. The amount of exercise you get from waggling your hand around or balancing on a board is neglible compared to a jog, bikeride, swimming or just about any other form of exercise.
It is like many things that are good in a reasonnable dose but are destructive if you practise too much.
hmmm...difficult one here. I tend to agree that games will help the mind, but at the same time can have a negative effect on the body. many youths use gaming to the exclusion of almost all other forms of excersize and that's certainly not good for anyone.

Quick mind, weak body...doesn't sound like a good combination, it certainly works well for Stephen Hawking...but I wouldn't want him on my softball team.
An older attorney I work with uses Wii Fit, and she says it has really helped her with her flexibility.
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