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Winemaker Extraordinaire

Winemaker Extraordinaire is a strategy game developed by a Brazilian company, Overplay, focused on the target audience how to lovers of wine. Puts the player in the world of wine, showing great variety of blends and tips on the grapes and wines that appear in the game. The soundtrack was composed by a musician who is also a group of Brazilian music, Lucas Scholles Lima.

This game promises to bring the player to a trip by major wine-producing countries. The player will experience stages of the production of wine and meet various wineries around the world, discovering new blends and commercializing their production. Your ultimate goal is to collect the missing pieces to complete the recipe of Vino Ultimae, the great dream of the deceased grandfather of main character Mary Bellaventura.
Has anyone played this game?! I'm thinking of buying! Any opinion?!
I haven't played it but from the looks of it, from this trailer -> , it seems pretty great.
Winemaker Extraordinaire won the award NAVE from Oi for Best Audio Design
Looks like my sort of thing ! There just aren't enough games out there to appeal to us people who are obsessed with the many, many types of alcoholic beverage known to man. Do you get to see the effects of your end-product e.g. people killed by drunken driving, poverty, wife beating, knife fights, hangovers, waking up next to a munter etc. etc. ? If so, where can I buy it ?
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