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Considering raw food diet- cookbook or website suggestions?

I live in Florida and oh, my GOD it's so hot and sticky. Once again, just like every summer, I find myself positively ill at the very thought of cooking and/or eating a hot meal, and I'm getting bored with sandwiches and salads, and hate spending a ton of money at delis to avoid cooking.

I could care less about health benefits or weight loss, the appeal of raw food to me is that I just want home-made food without heating up the kitchen. As much as I love to cook, it's just too bloody hot. My house is tiny, so cooking a meal heats up the whole place, and I simply can't afford to blast the air conditioning to keep it at a livable temperature while (and after) I make dinner.

Can anyone save me some time hunting around the internet, and suggest a good raw food cookbook?
Difficult question! I could imagine how hot to use a cooker in such a condition.
However, even dishes which are recommended for summer days require some cooking usually, like jelly, cold soup, pasta and so forth.Sorry, I cannot give you any useful idea.
Not sure if it works or your case, but Japanese are lovers of raw food, especially seafood. You can try your luck with Japanese cuisine recipes.
The most famous raw food in Japanese style is SASHIMI; raw fish typically, moreover it could be raw chicken, raw beef. However, they would cost.
The Japanese eat seaweed; eg. WAKAME. It can be eaten without cooking. You just pour boiling water to soak pieces of WAKAME and wait until they get soft and slimy.
They eat raw eggs too. However, it should be put on a bowl of piping-hot rice. It means you need to cook rice.
Oh, I forgot about TOFU! It would be alright to eat without cooking at all and very rich in protein. Usually it is topped with spring onion and crated ginger and soy sauce, though you could put any seasoning as you like. One problem is that it won't be very filling. Extremely easy to digest.

BTW microwave cooking won't produce a lot of heat. I don't mean heating up ready food from shops. For instance you'll cut veg, bacon, water and seasoning, and then put into a deep dish and cook it. It'll become a soup like dish. Plenty of such ideas will be found in the instruction of microwave.
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