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Free graphics sites

Maybe you can help. I'm starting with WordPress and they suggested free graphic websites as a way to enhance own website.

I spent a lot of time trying to find some even remotely useful clipart and all I could find was either out of style, primitive, gamers oriented or childish. Or free only for desktop use. Hopefully, no need to explain why I'm looking for a free resources if I have a site on a free host Wink

I'm not picky, just trying evaluate availability of resources, and do not waste time next time trying to find what doesn't exists. It takes hours and a headache to comb through, and it is a real pity that all was in vain.

Do you know the good sources for a good free clipart, clipart that you would use on your website?

What I tried to find were funny monster or creature and water header (not clipart). Sea creatures theme, but not for children.

So far ended up with finding GIMP and Inkscape drawing programs and pack of tutorials. But this for a later, when I will have some free time.
Ghost Rider103
What your looking for will be difficult if your looking for it for free.

What are you looking for clip art for? Your banner or logo? Or just image to put into your written content with your website?

Either way, you will have an extremely difficult time finding exactly what your looking for. If you don't want to spend any cash, but want to get some nice graphics done, try going into the Marketplace here at Frihost, and request someone make you some graphics in return for some Frih$. You probably won't get that high of quality, but it will probably be better than looking for clip art to put on your website.

Hope this helps some.
I thought so too. Time spent for a search is equal to the time of making own clipart, result is not worth the effort.
I just wanted to see what freebies are available for a toolbox of a webmaster. Cliparts are out of the list, photos and banners are questionable. Stock exchange photos,, has a lot for travel sites, but not much for a hobby site. But I found accidentally a good water banner on

The cute monster could enhance header image, without being a logo. I also was looking for a repository of images for using in the articles.

I rather pass Marketplace. While I have freepoints I don't use at all, people have different tastes and feel of the own right. I would prefer to avoid awkward situation of making someone spending a lot of time to help me and have to use what I don't like afterwards, or waste somebody's time and energy by not using it.
Thanks for a good will to help, appreciate this.
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