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Can we really make money online?

I have heard a lot of myths especially from those emails especially from affiliate programs. I wonder whether it's true that we can make a lot of money online. Anyone has experienced that, please share it.

Thank you.
i've personally never wandered into the world of affiliate programs but i have done surveys before. Usually you don't get much out of it, that will always be true, but there are certain sites that pay out well. There are also other programs that pay per click on an advertisement but, once again, the payout for those are usually low.

an example: ...

here the payouts are small but they add up somewhat, as does anything i guess, over time. Not really much of a living though.

Anyone else have anything they can say about this?
Ghost Rider103
I personally would not bother getting into the affiliate program thing. In my opinion they are a huge waste of time. The company you are advertising for would have to have a very good payout amount. Which you probably won't ever find. If the company is willing to pay big bucks for advertising, then I do not think they would bother coming up with some type of affiliate program.

You could go get a job at McDonalds and you would probably be better paid.

I also do not think it is worth the time for pay per click websites. You get like what, 1cent per click?? That would take forever to get a decent amount of money a month. Even if it were possible, you would be so busy clicking you wouldn't have time to do anything else.

It is possible to make money online, however I do not think affiliate programs and pay per clicks are the way to go. Seems like a waste of time to me.
what do you propose then? i think this thread is more about listing the ways to make money online instead of debating whether or not they are time worthy. and you are right about the pay per click sites and the 1cent/ click payout but they usually limit how many adds you can click daily anyhow.
Is affiliate marketing for me . . . by Bluedoll

My experience is only with researching affiliate income possibilities. I have never had a successful affiliate program. From what I read, people do make money with affiliates from the small web site developer, to larger companies. I think the concept works but you need to be able to market the goods, so to speak, especially if your goal is to make a large amount of money. Yes, that means being able to become a popular site(s) with lots of click action. I suppose that is what all the learning and work is about for we all know that terrible fact that nothing really comes easy in the world of commerce.

The requirement for an affiliate marketer seems to be dedication, perseverance, willingness to learn, and the ability to manage time in regards to what works and what doesn’t. A site marketer also has to watch out for the scams, etc, for there are lots of people without scruples feeding on the market that drives the affiliate market, i.e. watch what you spend to make money!

Startup is never easy, personally for myself, I am not inclined to be dedicated and enthusiastic about marketing in general so although I do look at affiliate marketing, don’t get to deeply involved, so therefore, don’t have expectations of making a lot of money at it.


hope this helps in some small way, appreciate being to post at frih
I don't have any direct experience with affiliates, but as far as I know they do not pay that much, and one would not use them really for the purpose of only income. The income is nice, and "free" of course, but as I see it it is about generating traffic to the Website as well. I would not want too many affiliates either, as people may click away from your Website and get lost in an Amazon jungle for example .... Smile
neither for me have these affiliate programmes been a success. Though knowing a affiliates and linking sites on commission basis have generated some profits for me.
has anyone seen a site that pays but just having people link to it? as in, i can post the link on a blog or something and whenever someone clicks it, i would make some small amount of money?
Can you make money on-line?, yesssss!!!!!!!!! look at google and amazon.

Can you make money with those e-mails you receive? hardly enough for a living, and some of them are not real, just spam.

Money comes from selling a thing or a service (yes, the obvious definition), if you don't do any of those two, money won't come.
You can make money by making a website, put some content, and sell ad space on your website (via google adsense or other means). If quality blogging is something fun for you ("quality" means your blog is not about your dog or cat, which nobody cares) then a bit of extra money couldn't hurt.

I also heard about a black technique of making money where you upload some illegal or adult content to websites that give you money when the file is downloaded. Then you put the links to your uploads on appropriate high-traffic forums (basically spamming) and hope people download your files.
If you find the right tactic, yea.
good tactic to earn 1 $ in 10 places and not 10$ in 1 place.
Some referral sites allow you to get money like $1 per referral then get money through the referrals clicking ads which gets them money.
i think this thread is more about listing the ways to make money online

If we are talking not only about affiliate programs, then possible options are:
- Freelance writing
- Selling goods online
- Website design and setup services
- Making site with high traffic and apply on AdSence or sell it
- Membership payments for worthy of that content
and so on Very Happy
I have personally made money online, but it takes a long time depending on what site your are using. I reckon its a waste of time but yeah i spent two years to make $30, it was worth it but it wasted quite a lot of time.
OK we have a free website here on frihost and here is what you can do with it, sign up for a network marketing company or go to and sign up for an account. On clickbank or with the network marketing company pick a product. Then go to google yahoo and msn and sign up for pay per click advertising, and also sign up with pay pal. you'll have to research how to set up an add campagian (takes a bit to earn it) then sign up on all the web content sites like, squidoo, hubpages, squibd and write articles that are general but endorse the topic of your products and services, and list your web page in your personal info at the end of your article, rewrite the articles each time so they aren't the same 250 words or less.

Here is where clickbank and the the other affiliate links come in, you publish them on the sites that will let you along with google adsense.

Believe me it is a lot more in depth than I'm writing out here, but what you do is drive traffic to your website and web pages, part of your pages is content for both your product, sales that are affiliate sales, and or a network marketing company or both.

So say a affiliate product sale you take 10 hours to set up and drive traffic to only nets you 100 bucks a month, doesn't seem like much right?

Here is the beauty of why you do it. Once it is set up, it runs itself, and continues to produce that 100 bucks a month. so it takes very little time to maintain and tweek once you get it going, which gives you time to set up another and another and another........100 bucks a month times 20 is 2000 bucks a month, plus you also get income from adsense and affilite links on your articles.

go check out and watch a few of his free video's he also explains how aweber works, he uses affiliate links and residual comissions and earns over 500K per month off of his website.

Yeah, you can make a very good living if you know how to work it. I've been researching the hell out of how to make money off of affiliate links and sales. From what I gather a network marketing company is a nice addition as you get folks to sign up and do what you are doing and really blow up the income!!
Last month (high season) just from one of amazon associates account.

Of course, it will be yours if you really know "HOW TO DO?" and you "DO IT!".

Good luck. Wink
also, you can earn by write articles, you can find on freelancer websites jobs
Help me with providing genuine websites which really pay for doing some task which they want ?
any experienced user in to
You can profit by sales
Yes you heard right. you can earn money online from different methods. There are many ways to earn money online. Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online.
There's quite a few ways actually. Just a few off the top of my head: Blogging, Editorials, Marketing (Youtube and the like). Even Stock Market trading has turned completely digital.

Personally I use Coinurl to get bitcoins for everytime someone views a link propagated through it!
lemonedia wrote:
Personally I use Coinurl to get bitcoins for everytime someone views a link propagated through it!
That's brilliant! I really need to try this myself as well. Cool
Sure you can make money online.
How do you think Mark Zuckerberg became Billionaire?
I even don't know his cast properly Smile

There is ample opportunity to earn. you just have to be in right place with right product to sell. Just don't expect to make something out of nothing. You have to work hard, you need to have creativity and you need to have some thing which other people want.

As similar to real life, you can rob people to get rich which is obviously not advised.
Yes, You can make money online by using different resources. SEO is the best way To make money.
Today I read an article about the data entry clerk profession and how generally financially rewarding it is despite it being risk free and for lazy people - since to land some of those gigs, you don't even have to leave your home, because your job can come by mail to your doorstep.

Despite the article being written for a respectable newspaper, i doubt it's all so nice and shiny, because when the job does not require any specific and rare skillset, it's always flooded with people who want to do it, which makes it extremely hard to get it and with time it reduces those paychecks to ridiculously low values.

If anyone is working/knows someone who does as data entry clerk, it would be interesting to hear their side of the story Smile
i also want to know..............
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