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Will the Leafs win in 2010?


Maybe I'm crazy, but I like the direction Burke is taking the team in.

What do you think? Can they make the playoffs? Win the cup? Get the 1st overall draft pick?

They might make the playoffs... but personally I think they are a year or two away from that...

Certainly don't think they'll "win" the first pick.... but it'll take a while to gel...

Having said that, I've been wrong before...

I think it's going to be Pens and Red Wings for a third straight year in the Stanley Cup Finals -- neither team lost much except Hossa. And we saw what switching from the Pens to Wings did for him. Poor guy!
Whilst I've enjoyed the Wings v Pens finals... it would be good to see some sort of change....

As a Canucks fan, I'd love to see them go further next season... but I think the schedule is going to kill them - they are away for almost all of February because of the Olympics....

Last year, during the playoffs, I predicted the Hawks v Capitals in the Finals this year.

Of course, now that the Hawks have signed Hossa - they are bound to make the finals.... and lose Smile

Anyone know what the record of consecutive losing finals series for a single player is....

Lol! NO WAY will they win. They've made such a big deal off signing this one guy Phil Kessel, who've I've never heard of before he joined the Leafs. They have no stars on their team, no propects (other then Nazem Kadri who they sent back down to the minors in a very dumb move on their part).
But hey, The Leaves management don't care as they are still raking in the money for the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (which owns half of Ontario). They aren't going to make any significant moves to win until Leaf fans start hurting them in the bottom-line. If quite a few regulars would cancel their season tickets or not go to games for a while, then maybe we'll see some changes made.
They might get the first draft pick overall if they keep playing as poorly as they are. They are probably already mathematically eliminated from the playoffs already! Razz
eday2010 wrote:
They might get the first draft pick overall if they keep playing as poorly as they are. They are probably already mathematically eliminated from the playoffs already! Razz

I don't know what Maths you are using.... but it certainly isn't the normal kind.

Mathematically, the Leafs can still win the President's Trophy.... I know it isn't going to happen... but they COULD.

Currently, they have 39 points from 46 games... so their maximum is 111 points. Currently the team with most points in the whole league (Chicago Blackhawks) have 66 points.

In reality, they are currently 9 points behind 8th place... which will allow them to make the playoffs. So they do need to improve.... but its certainly not an impossible hurdle to overcome... Remember Pittsburgh last year... they were a long way out... but made the playoffs, and won the cup...

The biggest problem that the Leafs have is not so much the 9 points, but the fact that they are 14th... and therefore have to jump over a number of other teams in order to get into the playoffs.

With the number of 3 point games (games decided in overtime or shootout distribute 3 points between the teams, as opposed to 2 for a regulation victory), leaping above other teams can require a significant improvement.

I don't see the Leafs making the playoffs this year.... but they certainly have a chance....

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