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Robust thread monitoring

I'm probably missing something but when I have used other forums, there are detailed ways to monitor replies to my threads/posts. The only option I see on my forum account page is to get emailed every time sometime posts a reply. I don't want to get cluttered with emails every time this happens.

In the other forums, you could subscribe to a list of threads, at which point you would recieve notification of any changes in your account page. There was also the option of being emailed with all replies once a week, etc.

Are my options limited right now because my status is "new frihoster" or did I overlook the obvious?
No, there just isn't such a thing on Frihost. And I never thought of it before, but I think it's a really good suggestion for Frihost, it would be a huge improvement.
Now let's hope that Bondings looks at your post and feels motivated!
I think experienced posters who had this feature would be more motivated to post. Right now I'm monitoring five or so threads that I am involved in. However to do that I login, click on "posts", and click on every link to each post to check if a reply has been posted. It's not absolutely necessary (otherwise it would've been implemented long ago) but it does make life easier.
Personally, I use the email, and set up a special folder, and a sorting rule that puts all frihost emails into that folder, so I still get notified without cluttering the main inbox.

I guess a 'favorite topics' function might work okay though.
That's a good idea. If the mods have no desire to implement a favorite thread function (for technical reasons or otherwise) I'll start doing what you do with email filtering. In fact, I'll try that right now and see how it works.
Strangely enough , i was thinking about coding myself an app in C# to watch threads for me (i'm too lazy to open a browser sometimes Razz ) . Either by specifying a thread to the application, or, making it watch the "View posts since last visit" page and parsing stuff from there. I probably won't be bothered to code it though.

But i think that it would be pretty cool if we had a feature like that in the forums Razz
PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:39 pm Post subject:
Strangely enough , i was thinking about coding myself an app in C# to watch threads for me (i'm too lazy to open a browser sometimes Razz ).

Stop giving me ideas. Wink That made me remember RSS feeds for threads that I came across on other boards. I'm still supportive of the original idea (ie a favorite threads function), but RSS feeds would also be welcome.

Methinks that these ideas haven't been implemented for technical reasons. One can always hope I suppose.
I will probably implement a way to subscribe to topics and then seeing them in a list or similar. However, it might not be for soon, sorry.
Understandable. Thanks for the acknowledgement Smile
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