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Other e-mail addresses on the server...

Hi. I recently signed up with Frihost to post on the servers, and have my own website subdomain hosted through them. In the confirmation e-mail, it mentions: POP Email Accounts: unlimited. I take this to mean that I can have more e-mail addresses on the server than just Am I right, or is that something that charges for, or do I just need to talk to the admin to get more e-mail addresses registered, or what? What I really want is the availability of a and If anyone can help me get these in a way that'll be easy to set up and use, I would very much appreciate it.

Well, apparently that control panel thing is pretty darn nifty and awesome, and if a person would take the time to use it, or at least look at it, before posting stupid questions to the forums, then they would probably have some pretty good success. In my defense, it was late at night, and some of this stuff is new to me. To further my defense, try finding a single document on google talking about how to be successful at what I was trying to do, and you'll see that there wasn't really any help for me out there. So I asked you folk. Thanks for reading!
Please take a look at . More specifically . It is a tutorial/help site for DirectAdmin.
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